Antigua And Barbuda looking to lose it today

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Hurricane Irma is hitting Puerto Rico with heavy rain and powerful winds, and authorities say more thanpeople are without power. Authorities in the Caribbean are struggling to get aid to small islands already pounded by the historic storm earlier Wednesday. He says a 2-year-old child was killed as a family tried to escape a damaged home during the storm. The tourist board for the Caribbean island of Anguilla says the major resorts on the island survived a hit from Hurricane Irma but many private homes have been damaged.

It also says that the airport did not sustain any major damage but that it remains closed along with two ports. Irma lashed the small British island territory with heavy wind and rain Wednesday. There were no reports of any deaths from the storm. The United Nations says that according to estimates as many as 37 million people could be affected by Hurricane Irma. Dujarric told reporters at U. He said U. Dujarric said U. More thanpeople are without power and nearly 50, without water on Puerto Rico. Fourteen hospitals are using generators after losing power, and trees and lights posts are strewn across some ro.

The tiny island of Culebra currently reporting sustained winds of 88 mph and wind gusts of mph.

Antigua And Barbuda looking to lose it today

The State Department is ordering some U. As the storm pounded islands in the northeastern Caribbean on Wednesday, the department also moved to draw down its presence in several other area nations and warned Americans to reconsider any planned travel there.

The State Department ordered non-essential staff and the family members of American employees at the U. Embassy in Nassau to depart as Irma bore down with heavy rain and historic winds that could lead to life-threatening floods, mud slides and storm surges that could disrupt travel and government services.

Earlier, the department said it would allow U. The government has confirmed one death on Barbuda caused by Hurricane Irma. Midcie Francis, spokesperson for National Office of Disaster Services for Antigua and Barbuda, says there has been massive destruction on the island of about 1, people. The strongest Atlantic Ocean hurricane ever measured destroyed homes and flooded streets across a chain of small islands in the northern Caribbean, passing directly over Barbuda which was left largely incommunicado. Hurricane Katia has formed in the Gulf off the coast of Mexico with sustained winds of 75 mph kph.

The government of Mexico has issued a hurricane watch for the coast of the state of Veracruz from Tuxpan to Laguna Verde. Katia is anticipated to drift toward the coast on Thursday. The announcement of Hurricane Katia came minutes after the U. Jose has winds of 75 mph kph and is quickly strengthening, but poses no immediate threat to land. Hurricane Jose has formed in the open Atlantic, far from land and well east of Hurricane Irma. The U. National Hurricane Center said Wednesday that Jose poses no immediately threat to land.

Jose has winds of 75 mph kph and is quickly strengthening. The Netherlands is urging the United Nations and its member states to provide assistance and show compassion with people in the Caribbean suffering from the impact of Hurricane Irma. Dutch U. Ambassador Karel van Oosterom made the appeal during a General Assembly meeting Wednesday on protecting civilians in conflict. He said the eye of the hurricane passed right over Sint Maarten, one of four countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

He said the hurricane earlier hit two special municipalities of the Netherlands located in the Caribbean Sea, Sint Eustatius and Saba. Britain is sending a Royal Navy ship to the region struck by Hurricane Irma to provide humanitarian assistance and is also sending aid experts to the region.

International Development Secretary Priti Patel said Wednesday the ship will carry Royal Marines and Army engineers along with water purification equipment and other support items. Dutch authorities are trying to gauge the extent of damage in Sint Maarten from Hurricane Irma, but officials say it appears to be ificant. Sint Maarten is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and shares an island with the French territory of St.

The island is east of Puerto Rico. Dutch Caribbean coast guard spokesman Roderick Gouverneur says coast guard officials in Curacao have lost communication with their base in Sint Maarten. He says it remains unclear if Irma caused casualties. Two navy ships are also steaming to the island to offer help.

Antigua And Barbuda looking to lose it today

It says a wind gust of up to mph kph has been reported a little to the west at Buck Island in the U. Virgin Islands. Thomas and miles kilometers east of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Like many in the region, Branson says he and his group will shelter indoors as the storm hits, though his guests may have it better than most.

A Dutch navy spokeswoman says that marines who flew to three islands hammered by Hurricane Irma have seen a lot of damage, but have no immediate reports of casualties. The Category 5 storm made a direct hit Wednesday on the island where the Dutch territory of St. Some Dutch marines flew to the islands on Monday to prepare for the hurricane.

Antigua And Barbuda looking to lose it today

Navy spokeswoman Karen Loos says that some troops were able to send images of destruction from St. Maarten and another island, St. Trees, houses, roofs that are blown out. A lot of water, high water. She says the extent of the damage elsewhere on the island is not yet clear. The first of two Dutch naval vessels heading for the islands is expected to arrive at 8 p.

Hurricane Irma is the most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in recorded history. It made its first landfall in the islands of the northeast Caribbean early Wednesday. Trump has declared emergencies in Florida, Puerto Rico and the U. He says those in the path of the newest storm should heed evacuation orders. For Harvey, he says the government is working on longer-term assistance, such as Small Business Administration loans, unemployment wages and reconstruction.

State Department is warning U. It notes that the Category 5 storm could bring life-threatening flooding, flash flooding, mudslides, and storm surge, while travel and other services will likely be disrupted. The department says it has authorized the voluntary departure of U. Browne says in a statement that there were no deaths in Antigua.

He says that preliminary reports also indicate there are no deaths in Barbuda despite widespread reports of damaged buildings and downed trees. He plans to visit as soon as possible.

Antigua And Barbuda looking to lose it today

The prime minister says the airport will reopen at 2 p. Hurricane Irma has caused torn off rooftops and knocked out all electricity on the French islands of Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy and France has requisitioned planes and sent in emergency food and water rations.

The regional authority for Guadeloupe and neighboring islands said in a statement Wednesday that the fire station in Saint Barthelemy is under 1 meter more than 3 feet of water and no rescue vehicles can move. It said the government headquarters Saint Martin is partially destroyed and the island is in a total blackout. Electricity is also partially down on the larger island of Guadeloupe, where the threat receded despite danger of heavy flooding. President Donald Trump says his administration is closely watching Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma made its first landfall in the islands of the northeast Caribbean early Wednesday. The plane flying Pope Francis to Colombia is flying a changed flight path to avoid Hurricane Irma, which is slamming the Caribbean. Instead, the revised route takes it south of the U. The Vatican traditionally issues telegrams of papal greetings to nations he flies over while on pilgrimages. So the updated flight plan meant the Vatican had to draft new telegrams. He returns to Rome on Sept. As Hurricane Irma continues to roar across the Caribbean on a path toward Florida, a new tropical storm has formed in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tropical Storm Katia formed early Wednesday off the coast of Mexico. But the hurricane center says Katia is expected to stay offshore through Friday morning. The storm is centered about miles kilometers east of Tampico, Mexico, and is moving east-southeast near 2 mph 4 kph. French authorities have ordered inhabitants to remain confined to their house and not go out under any circumstances in the French Caribbean islands of Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy because of Hurricane Irma.

The French ministry of Interior has issued the highest possible alert for both islands of French overseas because they appear to be in the middle of the path of the dangerous Category 5 storm. Schools, public services and ports have been closed. Authorities recommend the population stay in the safest room of the house and get prepared for power cuts and disruption in the supply of water. Two other French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique have been placed under a more moderate alert.

Antigua And Barbuda looking to lose it today Antigua And Barbuda looking to lose it today

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