Best bolw job

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So, if you are new to our awesome site, we have recently published a post about nothing but the amazing deepthroat pornstars that just love to suck that dick, get face fucked and so on. All about the best pornstars in business that give the best blowjobs and are good at sucking that thick dick. Being the Arnold Schwarzenegger of blowjobs, Stella has long exchanged her soul for the throat numbness.

Best bolw job

Did she learn how to breathe through the ears or something? Stella Cox could star in a film about life before and after porn. Did you get that? How good of a dick sucker will Gina Valentina be in or ? This, my friends, is potential.

Best bolw job

Can already slurp on a cock better than many other pornstars. This one is just a decade too late since other whores look better and perform just as well. Like the old and reliable Japanese car just no longer as exciting. You need to get over yourself and your ego to truly have fun with Carmen Caliente.

Look at her and that genuine smile, how much fun she is having post-orgasm. How many pornstars have you seen an act that way while cum is going their mouths?

Best bolw job

Single digits. Sure, she could be prettier and younger, without a teeth-gap but seriously, who gives a shit? This girl is legit fun, without any drama or bullshit. Carmen is the type of girl that would do anything for a man she loves or beyond and I appreciate that. I wish she learned some tricks and makeup magic as her face looks extremely old, likely due to bad technique.

This blowjob-giving pornstar is 24, by the way. The booth you see is a dressing room for other people and Caprice just does not give a fuck and does the unimaginable. This guy must have felt like a million bucks. Deep, wide eyes, long black eyelashes, slim babe face and you got yourself an almost perfect recipe for a blowjob. Now add full round lips on top, stroking motion, soft tits gently touching your balls, and round butt. Britney Amber has everything you need.

With ten years in porn, she has mastered the art of fellatio and the next ten will be spent reaching Nirvana. Freya Stein is one of the greatest amateur pornstars, perfect for freaks like us that want to see semen slowly running down her face.

As for Freya, her boyfriend is one lucky champ. Not all blowjobs need to be fast, full of thrusting, and as deep as your length allows it. Sometimes going the opposite way is what makes you special and different from the rest of cock-sucking snowflakes in the porn business. Now a retired porn star, Heather is just incredible, I mean her oral sex technique is probably the most unique out there and that says something, I mean … Women have been sucking men off for thousands of years so having her invent something new gives her tons of bonus points. Also, the fact that she has no issue swallowing, keeps eye contact while masturbating and stroking that white cock, adds even more artificial stars to her overall rating.

Great girlfriend material, great pornstar, and for the highest quality porn… We have a deal below. This one is like Britney Amber, just with more flashing lights and a club-like setting. Now, to be named one of the best pornstars at giving blowjob, you do need to have a solid experience bag under your belt which Leah Gotti does. Compared to other pornstars though she is only years old. How can such a young pornstar be so good at giving blowjobs? Sure, she is an adult performer and likely learned a lot from here, but there are pornstars twice her age that still suck at anything but basic fellatio.

Leah Gotti is a quick learner and someone that is not afraid of choking on dick. Remember, not only do we rank the best blowjob giving pornstars but also great oral sex scenes and Piper Perri shines at this one. Working slowly until he can no longer take it. Her one finger trick where she tastes his cum is a masterpiece, now the only thing that is left is to stick that finger down her pussy and lick it again. This is one of those blowjob troopers that just goes to town as if there was a bomb attached to her back and is counting the last seconds. Make him cum. I am sure of that. See her reaction?

This is how you make your viewers happy, by not closing your mouth and catching as much cum as possible. Love the messy look afterward, which makes her stand out from the crowd of cum fearing pornstars. For intensive blowjobs, call Dana Dearmond that will crawl on her knees and rip your balls to shreds. It truly is the definition where your dick is her oxygen tank and she must keep on breathing.

Check her full scene, which is as good as this tiny clip. She is the police and is about to raid your penis hole. If you were to ask me to name some of the pornstars that are good at giving a blowjob, Gianna would be one of them, hands down. This is a direct result of her being in the industry for so long and of course, practicing sucking dick. Sure, she might have skipped some Math homework during her early days but at least she got to spend that time doing something better and that is: polishing penises with her mouth.

Just look at that massive assbeautiful round curves and….

Best bolw job

Good God, I am a believer. Not the best face in the industry but still not ugly, above average I would say. As for her blowjob skills, with the view like that, this is one of the best experiences one can have, except for fucking your mom, of course. There is a saying that black girls know how to suck dick and I agree, very much so. There is another saying that fat or chubby whores are giving the best blowjobs in the world, but I disagree. They are hungry but for cake rather than the male genitals. Now Alli has probably one of the most beautiful faces we have seen in a long time, at least in this list and that adds points.

I mean you do get much harder with someone so attractive. Being young, blond, with a nice body, ass gap that is making every man wet with pre-cum…. You can easily understand while she was added to this top 10 too. She is trying her best, trying to take it deep, play with hands, fingers, and all in all, a solid blowjob giver. At this point, everyone has heard of BellaDonna, even your grandmother. Now this, professional cock sucker has mastered the skill of oral sex and has no shame doing pretty much everything, from amazing deep throat to gargling, no gagging, and playing with the balls and that shaft while still sucking the dick with her lips.

Well, okay, I mean just look at the fucking video, it has a compilation of her being fucked by multiple dicks, sucking so many dicks that I have lost the count and of course, eating all that delicious and nutritious cum afterward. So, doctors, please prescribe her mouth for me, thanks.

Eye contact is where the magic happens. For me, it can even save a soon to be falling dick that is getting bored. Have you seen someone being so hungry for cock like Jenna? I certainly have not, she is incredible and probably the best blowjobs giving white chick in the world. That is quite an achievement. Not only that but it does look like the way she sucks and just licks these dicks, makes them even tastier for her. She licks them like a lollipop, slowly, gently, then hard and vigorously. Also, having a beautiful face and all in all nice body with beautiful ass… That is a plus too.

Oh, and she eats cum too. The queen of blowjobs, the unique word wonder of oral sex, the master of stroking beautiful penises and the ninja of swallowing. This girl has it all, and to be fair, I was not even into black girls that much but after seeing her skills at Evil Angel, which was one of our top rated porn sites of this year.

Good fucking God, I dare you to fucking find me a better whore who can suck dicks better. I fucking dare you. Tongue action, hand action, fingers, deep throating, lots of saliva aka lube, and million degrees of pleasure. Please if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

Best bolw job

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Best bolw job

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