Best dating bars in london

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First dates can be stressful enough without the stress of picking a venue. Don't worry, BarChick has you covered. From snug speakeasies to swanky cocktail bars Order up something spiked with whisky and get cosy. If this has gone down well, find more secret bars for the inevitable second date Discount Suit Company Find the most run-down building you can find on Wentworth Street and look for a cheap-looking suit shop.

La Bodega Negra This place does Soho proud — lead your date downstairs to the tequila cellar bar and get a couple rounds in. Oriole You can't really beat this killer Smithfield's bar. Upmarket tiki chic vibe with palm print walls and a touch of colonial. Lots of 2-man tables by the bar for hot dates. Live music to set the tone - think jazz, funk, swing and blues to shake your snake hips too.

Best dating bars in london

Expect original, daring and adventurous creations served up in beautiful and weird vessels. The Gibson This pimped up Edwardian style bar has officially killer cocktails and what's better than a bar from th e World's Best Bar list baby! If this place doesn't impress, well, they're definitely too high maintenance.

Need something to steady your nerves? Great lighting, killer drinks and little nooks and crannies to hide away in are everything a good date needs. This bar has got two storeys; one which is all about the vino and the other is all swanky Art Deco and cocktails. Cocktails are banging, made with homemade syrups, liqueurs and spices. A the bar with no name. It feels like you've stepped right into an old school Italian cocktail t when you slip into this cosy lil' bar. It's pretty much always busy in here, often with a piano tinkering away in the corner, so you can easily blend into the bustle as you stumble through those classic awkward 'first date' moments.

The cocktail list is epic, so get stuck in. Head to the bar for cocktails overlooking the vast restaurant below. Downstairs it's all private, with everyone getting their own train like booth, so if the date goes well. And you've probably heard about the Champagne button in your booth that delivers you a glass in seconds. You're on fire. The Cocktail Trading Co. Little Mercies - If you're both North London locals, this neighbourhood bar is prob already on your radar. If it isn't, go discover it together cos it's wicked.

It's super chill, and they have a pretty special cocktail menu which will give you both plenty to talk about.

Best dating bars in london

Grab a spot in the window and let that natural light do you justice. Sketch This one is perfect for a double date. Seriously, the toilets here are little white eggs that play bird song on loop and you and your mate can go hide behind them to discuss whether or not you want to swap dates.

If you need more advice, just ask the sexy French maids that host both the ladies and gents. Four Sisters Townhouse It's like you've stepped right into a Charles Dickens novel, with gilt-framed mirrors, traditional Victorian floor tiles and gargoyle he hanging from the ceiling. Step into a giant rubber jumpsuit a nice opportunity to see how yur date looks in head-to-toe latex! You can't fail to have fun in this crazy place. Climb downstairs and dive behind the blue velvet curtain for secret live music and some of the best Old Fashioneds like, ever.

The theme continues with the cocktail menu, with ration-inspired cocktails garnished with peardrops and crumbled Oxo cubes, served up in teacups, Thermos flasks and milk bottles. Carnaby Street to Kingly Court, London. Who cares when the booze is good? The drinks are seriously on point with grappa cocktails and incense stick garnishes, natch.

Get there for the mid-week jazz sessions, art collabs and live music. Original Sin Two words; pool table. Plus the games are free at this place. What else do you need? No real conversation necessary.

Best dating bars in london

Nine Lives - Found beneath the cobbles of Bermondsey Street, this basement has some serious tropical colonial vibes going on. The best bit? There's a Shuffleboard in the corner. Challenge your date to a game to get the measure of them. Loser buys the next round. Don't bring a vegan here, but any meat-loving date will be all over it! Grab a seat at the bar for a full evening of theatricals - watch the ginormous hunks of meat sizzle away before being brought straight to you.

These guys have a wicked Mezcal menu that you need to check out. Check out our other dinner date ideas here. This is your opportunity to ask your date a few saucy questions without them seeing your blushes. After supper, you can head to the dark bar upstairs for a couple of drinks Lyaness is already a solid BarChick fave following its reincarnation from Dandelyan back in March And it's a great date spot.

It's sexy but not in an OTT way. It's bang on the river so views are ticked, the extraordinary menu will wow you and gives a failsafe conversation starter; they're the work of London bartending legend Ryan Cheti and his team. If you want an epic first date story to tell your grandkids, this is where you need to head.

Peckham Springs Skint? WC This shabby refurbed public toilet bar has got south of the river date night written all over it. From the sexy candlelit curtained booths to the old wartime love letters pinned up on the toilet walls, if you wanna get things hot from the first date then this is the perfect spot. Gremio de Brixton Forget all over your face spaghetti or sushi we love it but no one wants to snog a salmon seaweed conefirst dinner dates are all about the tapas. Order some sherry with a couple sharing dishes and work your way through the mega Spanish wine menu. The Lido Cafe If you want an excuse to see your gym-obsessed date in as little as possible, then go get a sun lounger at Brockwell Lido.

Backyard Cinema Slip through the magical wardrobe, through a secret tunnel of trees into the indoor enchanted forest. Then pull up a tree stump and tuck into warm mulled wine and a mince pie while you watch some epic Christmas films, like Home Alone - nice one!

If you want more reassurance, remember that the dudes here teamed up with Domaine de la Cote in the Santa Rita Hills to create their very own Pinot noir. Brasserie of Light For a first date that will go down in glam history, grab a seat at the bar of this epic Selfridges restaurant. You'll be able to see your date reflected in the gleam of what feels like mirrors.

There's gold leaf, those cute little Art-Deco lamps, and what look like mini disco balls hanging from the ceiling. It would all feel a little extra if it wasn't so damn fabulous. Score a bullseye at this epic Shoreditch darts bar instead; when the small talk dries up, just start shooting arrows.

Nolita Social If you want a date with a taste of glam, this subterranean basement bar filled with dark corners and the chilled vibes of Little Italy in the 70's is the spot to hit up. And you'll look hot in the golden light of the back bar.

Plan something active so that being tired le to a sit down, which will lead to booze, taking you back on the dating straight and narrow. We say rent a boat on the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park; and afterwards, get a bottle of wine and a woodfired pizza at the Serpentine Bar. Do Not Disturb Take your date through the keyhole of this epic new basement bar in The City and you'll find a hot spot for your clandestine rendezvous and killer drinks.

Once you're in on the secret, you'll find a den of old-school Manhatten glamour. The cocktails are a mix of barrel-aged and twists on classics. Did you know Asparagus is an aphrodisiac? Have a few of these and perhaps you'll be getting a different kinda lift if you know what we mean? So whether you're slipping in a quickie pre-work date, or rockin' up for an after hours fumble, this is your place. Coppa Club, Tower Bridge With a terrace opening out onto the South Bank, those insta-famous igloos for snuggling in with killer views of London Bridge, it's a great spot to sit during the daylight hours and into sunset.

When the sun goes down, hop inside, soak in the bustling Italian-style atmosphere, and tuck into some cocktails before a romantic walk along the river. Type City, bar name or keyword Pick the right venue and the rest is easy Clapham Common South Side, SW4 7AJ Gremio de Brixton Forget all over your face spaghetti or sushi we love it but no one wants to snog a salmon seaweed conefirst dinner dates are all about the tapas. Bar chat. We use cookies to track visits to our website for analytics so we can keep creating content you love. We store no personal details.

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Best dating bars in london

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33 of London's best first date restaurants and bars