Best things to watch while high

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Got your hands on some primo bud? Very nice for you. Ok actually it is. But, for the ambitious types, there is no such thing as idle time, and there are plenty of productive or at least entertaining things that you can do when you are high. Whether you are with friends or flying Han style you know, Solo there are plenty of really excellent ways to enjoy your THC. Because you are the discerning stoner.

No, you want the best things to do while high. And you know what? You deserve them. Read on for a list of the best things to do when stoned. Stoners are social creatures by nature. Even the most basic wallflower blooms with the right strain of bud. Sure, smoking by yourself is just peachy, but it can also be fun to go out and see the world with a good group of people by your side.

So, what are the best things to do while high with your friends? If you live in a state with legal recreational marijuana, you are in the perfect position to get your paint on. Puff Pass and Paint was one of the first marijuana-infused art classes and it is one of the most fun things to do while high with friends. Right now, Puff Pass and Paint has a of locations across the United States where cannabis is recreational.

Going to the movies has always been one of the most fun things to do when stoned, but that has perhaps never been truer than it is right now. Just think about the movies that come out these days.

Best things to watch while high

Big blockbusters with stellar effects and out of this world backgrounds and characters. There is actually a scientific element to it. Interacting with nature can reduce anxiety, and even lower your blood pressure, making it a great way to enjoy your afternoon and improve your health. There are lo of different things to do with friends while high outdoors. Fishing, hiking, a nice trip to the park. If you live in Denver, you might think about hitting the slopes or going on a scenic mountain hike. Live in Portland? Try going kayaking down Willamette River.

Go on over to Olympic Sculpture Park.

Best things to watch while high

Take in the scenery, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. Maybe you want to head on over to Lake Merrit, or the surrounding parkland. Great for hikes, or even for a little bit of canoeing. And of course, our pals in Brooklyn will want to head over to Coney Island and take in the boardwalk and all of the other fun activities.

Last but not least, Boston! A truly majestic place to go biking and experience panoramic views of mother nature. And what about the people in the rest of the country?

Best things to watch while high

It can be as simple as finding a nearby park and going for a little walk. With the right strain, even the little things can be an adventure. Marijuana games are truly a great way to bring people together. They are fun, usually free, and they can lead to legitimate bonding if done right.

Here are ten games that you really should try. Same way the game has always been played, but with one twist. Exactly like beer pong except that you commemorate successful shots with a toke instead of a drink. For hold your smoke to work best, you need a fairly sizable group of people. Circle up, and start puff, puff, passing. The idea is to hold your smoke until the t comes back to you. Just like regular Jenga, except the pieces have instructions written on them.

Each time you remove a block, you read the inscription and do what it says. Generally, the instructions are smoking-related. One of the most prominent drinking game is to watch a movie, and take a shot anytime characters use a certain phrase.

Best things to watch while high

Naturally, this is a game that works well with pot as well. For added fun, try watching a stoner flick while you do it. There are lots of pot-related board games out there that will make a perfect accompaniment that might help you make the most of your gathering. But good luck choosing a banker. The questions will start to get pretty creative. You can count on that. A little bit of pot will make Twister feel a whole lot less awkward. Hey, the munchies will creep up on you sooner or later. When they do it will be time for some cannabis cooking. There are actually cannabis cooking classes available in many cities, which will be a great way for you and your friends to enjoy a tasty, fun common experience.

And of course, there is also plenty of merit in having a good old fashioned stoned conversation. Pot can bring out deep thoughts, so let them flow freely, and point them in the direction of a good buddy. And of course, sometimes you just want to get lifted and sit around by yourself.

But even then, you need something to fill the time. Here are a whole bunch of things to do while high alone to try the next time you get your hands on some good weed. Cinema and television alike are filled to capacity with things to watch while high. Everyone has their own list of best movies to watch stoned. That said, here are some good movies to watch while high that we like. Sure, taking a toke or rip is fun, but what about the unlimited amount of smoke tricks you can try?

Writing while high is fairly controversial. Does it work? Creativity in an altered state of mind is not exactly new. We all know that Papa Hemingway liked his booze. And Hunter S. Thompson and William S. Burroughs would take, well. But what about true blue stoner writers?

Best things to watch while high

There are more than a few famous writers who have at least dabbled. Michael Chabon. So there is plenty of history to it. Are people more creative when they write high?

Best things to watch while high

It ultimately depends on the individual. Creativity is difficult to scale in an objective sense, but there is certainly merit to giving marijuana a shot the next time you write. It may just lower your inhibitions, and get the words flowing faster than ever before.

Best things to watch while high

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