Best wedding song to sing

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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so choosing the perfect songs for your exchange of vows is up there with sending out the invitations and remembering the rings. By the morning of the big day, all of the hard work of planning is behind you. Now, as you gather with your closest friends and family, all you have to do is get dressed, enjoy the excitement, and maybe dance your way through a few nervous jitters.

Likely written in the late 17th century or early 18th century by the German composer, this Baroque classic was rediscovered in the s and, by the 80s, had risen to become one of the most widely performed and interpolated pieces of classical music in history. Since then, the song has become a modern classic and a wedding staple, covered by everyone from Billy Joel, Kelly Clarkson, and Garth Brooks.

Inhowever, Adele introduced the song to a new generation, scoring a hit with this achingly beautiful, stripped-down rendition. Need more inspiration? Check out these selections below: Ben E. While some couples prefer to go the traditional route with their music, others may choose a more recent favorite to set the mood.

The multi-platinum hit, which details the love affair between characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, spawned several cover versions, including a viral and particularly wedding-friendly instrumental duet of the song. Taylor Swift ft. Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate at the altar.

That spring, he ed his friend George Harrison in the studio to record an alternate version of the song long sought-after by Beatles fans and eventually released in Harrison, meanwhile, went on to release his own rendition of the song for his solo masterpiece, All Things Must Passreleased at the end of that year. Ella Fitzgerald — From This Moment On This jaunty jazz standard penned by the great Cole Porter in will set a classy and flirty tone for your first few minutes as a married couple.

Released in off Dynastythe legendary group paired disco with hard rock for an opulent — and infectious — ode to love. Looking for more recessional songs? Here are a few songs to get the party started! A must-have for your wedding playlist.

Best wedding song to sing

Katy Perry — Firework Looking for something more pop forward? Released inthis No. Below are a few more tracks that will ensure a memorable entrance for you and your wedding party: Kanye West ft. Inhowever, singer Etta James delivered a particularly soulful performance of the song, securing it as a wedding staple — and her ature tune.

Since then, it has remained a wedding day staple. Maroon 5 — Sugar Almost as irresistible as sugar itself, this pop hit from Maroon 5 delivers plenty of delectable harmonies and an infectious beat. Five years later, it became a Top Ten hit in the UK. Originally released as a Joshua Tree B-side inthe song was re-recorded for a compilation and re-released as a single, eventually becoming a Top Ten hit in dozens of countries. Today, the song remains a staple on TV, film and, of course, at weddings.

Two decades later, after the song appeared in the film Good Morning, Vietnamit reentered the charts, landing in the US Top Today, the song has become a standard, covered by a wide range of jazz and pop artists. But try not to actually hit any of your guests. Beyonce — Single Ladies Put a Ring on It We guarantee that all of the single ladies and maybe some of the men will jump onto the floor for this iconic hit. Beastie Boys — Girls Want to pair the non-traditional with the traditional? Coming in at just over two minutes, this fast-paced track from the Beastie Boys will add a bit of humor to the evening.

Below are a few ideas that everyone can get down to: Taylor Swift — Shake It Off This deliriously catchy — and highly danceable — hit from Taylor Swift off will get everyone moving, grooving, and shaking off any hesitancy to let loose. A perfect addition to any wedding playlist.

Beach Boys — Kokomo Looking for a perfect song to wrap up the evening? Mark Ronson feat.

Best wedding song to sing

Check out our Wedding Classics playlist here. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Deborah Whittington September 10, at pm. Avery White October 13, at pm.

Best wedding song to sing

I swear is the perfect wedding song. Just listen to the lyrics. Miss Thing December 21, at pm. Cindy Cook October 1, at am. The only one — Lionel Richie. Beautiful song. Continue Reading. You may like. Don't Miss.

Best wedding song to sing

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