Cold breath effect

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Images via Shutterstock. Despite a steady onslaught of major technical VFX innovations, it remains a massive challenge to animate cold-weather breath digitally. A great example of this truth is found in the following clip from The Social Network. Regarding the effect, David Fincher had a bit to say:. The breath in this is faked. Creating a vapor effect is admittedly very difficult.

Cold breath effect

People are very quick to see vapor flaws in films. This is probably because we see a lot of different types of vapors on a day-to-day basis. Most default particle generators have constant opacity or slow fades over time. However, cold breath vapor works a little bit differently. In cold weather, breath is usually invisible for inches beyond the mouth of your subject. Another common mistake when working with cold breath is to make all of the fog a consistent shade of light grey.

Cold breath effect

There will be splotches of differing amounts of opacity, leading to a highly texturized and random look. Another mistake people make when animating cold breath is to make the vapor color white. In some instances, this is a completely appropriate way to approach vapor — but in most cases, breath vapor takes on the color of the light surrounding your subject.

The best thing you can do when trying to create a realistic breath vapor is simply look for the color of the backlight on your subject. Breath, like all vapors, is easily affected by wind. When working with breath vapors, you should add in an additional wind parameter to give your breath a second level of believability.

Plugins like Trapcode Particular allow you to put in an additional wind parameter to make your wind look more legit. In addition to wind, vapors also have a secondary swirl that adds to their believability. You can create this secondary action pretty easily in After Effects by adding a keyframed liquify effect or turbulent displace effect.

Cold breath vapor is never consistent. I suggest using a wiggle expression on your particle generator. Instead, a cold breath puff is typically comprised of fractal-like wisps. In fact, cold-weather breath wisps look a lot like cirrus clouds. In most particle-generation software, you can import cirrus cloud stock photos to be used as the particle-generator source. One common mistake made among indie artists working on cold-breath simulations: adding too much of it.

Created By: Video Copilot. In this tutorial created by Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot, we take a look at how to use Trapcode Particular to create a realistic cold-weather breath effect in After Effects. How do you create cold breath for your video projects? Share in the comments below. Remember me Forget password? Support in Register. Fashion After Effects Templates. Follow us:.

Need to make your scene look cold? Check out these tips for creating realistic cold-weather breath in After Effects.

Cold breath effect

Images via Shutterstock Despite a steady onslaught of major technical VFX innovations, it remains a massive challenge to animate cold-weather breath digitally. Lucent Warm features spherical lens flares shot using high-end Cooke S4 Prime lenses. Get This Pack. Get 13 free 4k Light leaks. We'll immediately send you an with a download link!

Cold breath effect

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Cold Breath