Dating 3ds games

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Platform: 3DS. Metascore: User Score: 7. Become a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 18! Immerse yourself in a huge open world and harvest many types of crops, take care of your livestock -- cows, sheep, and pigs -- take part in forestry, and sell your products on a dynamic market to expand your farm!

Dating 3ds games

You have access to a huge selection of over 50 farming vehicles and machines, faithfully recreated from over 30 of the biggest names in the industry, including AGCO's most respected brands: Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra.

Drive and use brand new equipment and harvest sugar beet, potatoes, wheat, canola, corn, and for the first time sunflowers. With a deep and powerful simulation experience, a vast open world and a wide fleet of vehicles including brand new machines, Farming Simulator 18 invites you aboard the most complete handheld farming simulation ever created! User Score: 6. Making puddings and sweets is lots of fun in Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop!

Players make and create a wide assortment of delicious looking sweets and puddings, then serve customers in the shop to keep them happy. Create 60 different recipes by taking part in over different mini-games, using the Nintendo 3DS stylus and even the microphone to cool, slice, stir, bake and decorate their creations. And just like always, dont worry if you make a mistake - Mama will fix it for you! Sweets can be arranged and displayed in the sweet shop, then given to your customers to bring happiness to them all.

The more sweets you create and complete, the more recipes you discover and the more your shop expands.

Dating 3ds games

Better yet, take on your friends in a competitive cook-off for up to four players, seeing who can make the tastiest treats of all! User Score: 5. You've never seen tanks like these! Choose a tank, pick troopers, and battle your friends via local wireless. Each trooper has a special ability, from electric shocks to healing.

Battle with bombs, on teams, or in a free-for-allbut always fight! The single-player mode contains 30 stages, so you'll have to devise a multitude of strategies and maneuvers to conquer them all. Not to mention, each stage will issue you a new challenge, such as defeating an enormous tank that makes yours look like a chew toy.

You can take on these challenges aboard your own customized tank or use a provided one. Either way, your tank will have a specific crew capacity and stats. As you battle, you'll find power-ups, like camouflage and Stamina Meat, while earning coins that you can spend to get more troopers, tanks, and paint jobs. Make sure this fight is one your friends and enemies won't soon forget! Your father was brutally murdered before your eyes. Now you must train hard, eat chicken and punch dudes in the face to earn your place in the Punch Club ranks, and discover who ended your father's life.

Dating 3ds games

Live your dream life in Disney Magical World 2 alongside Disney characters. Adventure with Elsa and Olaf from Disney Frozen, dance with Disney Princesses, soar with Mickey in Magical Dream parades, and more, while snapping photos to share your memories. The magic is in your hands, so use your wand to solve a ghostly mystery along the way. You can harvest a field with Winnie the Pooh, fish with Donald Duck, mine with the Seven Dwarves, explore ghost-filled dungeons for treasures, and more.

Shop with Daisy, Minnie, and others to build and buy hundreds of Disney-themed items. Ready to make a memory? Manage your very own boutique and become the star of the entire fashion business! Dive into the world of fashion! Run your very own business and help your customers to become truly stylish!

The fashion is business in the palm of your hand - choose from your path and show your talent! Show off your style by deing homes for all of your favorite Animal Crossing villagers! Use your creativity to de the perfect house-inside and out-for both old and new friends.

With the new amiibo cards, you can call your favorite villagers into the game.

Dating 3ds games

Craft, explore and conquer voxel worlds. Craft your own realm in stunning randomly generated worlds in Cube Creator 3D. Creative Mode allows you to explore worlds in true Stereoscopic 3D. The dual-screen presentation keeps your resource inventory free from cluttering the gameplay screen. Easy-to-use touchscreen controls make the open-world gameplay better than ever. Craft, explore and conquer these voxel worlds.

User Score: tbd. A collaboration between Ace Combat and Nintendo brings to fans aerial combat as they are able to cut through the skies while flaunting fresh paint to represent their favorite Nintendo characters like Samus, Captain Falcon, Bowser, and Pac-Man. Nothing Tastes like Mama's Home Cooking.

The original kitchen diva that created the cooking genre is set to school you with 60 brand new mouth-watering recipes and over 30 household mini-games. Cook your way through classic fare, exotic cultural dishes and sweet treats to delight the palate. Stylus-based activities will keep you busy around the house and prove to Mama that you've got the culinary chops to play in her kitchen. Tomodachi Life happens!

Dating 3ds games

Start by creating Mii characters and customizing everything about them. Have fun recreating your best friend, your favorite actor, mom and dad, co-workers Then watch as they rap, rock, eat donuts, fall in love, break up, go shopping, play games, and live their crazy Mii lives. Plant the Seeds of Friendship! Mama is back in her gardening gloves planting the seeds of friendship! Make your animal friends happy by growing flowers, fruits and vegetables they can sell in their forest shops.

With intuitive, stylus based-activities, customization and tons of fun rewards, Garden Mama 2: Forest Friends will get you growing in no time! A new life awaits you in the magical world of Disney! Meet and interact with over 60 favorite Disney characters while exploring the worlds of Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Aladdin, and Winnie the Pooh.

When you can manage your own cafe filled with Disney magic and set off on ghost-hunting quests, your life becomes the adventure. Go customization crazy! Build new furniture to decorate your cafe with, and your own personal room above it. Put together hundreds of Disney-themed outfits with collectable clothes and accessories for your avatar.

Dating 3ds games

You can even plant and harvest crops, learn new greetings, and collect Disney character cards. Or, collect magic wands and battle through ghost-filled forests and dungeons. And if thats not enough, you can get extra worlds, more items, and outfits as additional paid content. In other words, the magic never has to end! This strategic first-person shooter is the successor to Steel Diver. It features more tactical action game play than typical shooters, as players are asked to navigate heavy-duty submarines while staying one step ahead of their enemies.

People can compete in local four-on-four team sub battles and go online to battle submariners from around the world as long as each person downlo the game for him- or herself. A Tale of Life, Love, and Friendship. Hometown Story takes you to a lush, green village tucked away in the countryside. The shop you inherited has brought you back to your hometown. However, the shop has become run down, and no one wants to even window shop there anymore. Can you turn the shop around and even expand it, or is it destined to stay in the red forever?

You won't have to go it alone, though. You'll get help from a magical sprite named Pochica, who will help you get the store back up and running, and introduce you to all of the unique characters who reside in the town. The villagers will all change and grow throughout the game, and that person who you thought might be up to no good when you first met them just might have a heart of gold! Your experiences will be completely different from anyone else's.

You'll never know what to expect in Hometown Story. There are no points or levels, just a myriad of sights and sounds, places and activities Spend your time passing new ordinances—or going fishing. Hang out at a coffee shop or visit a tropical island. It's up to you. Your game is what you make of it—and personalizing your world is part of the fun. Create cool patterns for clothing or furniture, build new structures in your town, de gardens and museum displays, and so much more. Time passes in the world of Animal Crossing just as it does in real life.

Celebrate holidays and see the seasons change. Meet new visitors or get gifts from your neighbors.

Dating 3ds games

User Score: 8. Build your own roller coasters using fast and intuitive touch screen drawing and editing controls. Then jump right into a coaster cart seat to experience the ride in thrilling 3D. Take Mii characters for a ride on your coaster.

Dating 3ds games

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