Dating exs roommate

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Only, with the cost of living being so high — and wages being so, well, not high — the whole moving out thing might not be possible, leaving you to cope with the not-so-ideal outcome of always, always, always being stuck together.

Dating exs roommate

One survey found that 38 percent of renters have called it quits with someone while sharing a place with their partner, yet continued to live together anyway 61 percent stayed put for a month or more, and 13 percent stayed for up to a year. Since physical — and emotional — space is paramount to working through and processing your feelings following a breakup, continuing to live together makes the process of moving on that much more difficult. The primary culprit?

Dating exs roommate

Not surprisingly, this limbo can take a toll on your overall well being. When your ex is always around, your negative feelings might be triggered so much that it feels impossible to move on from them. The degree to which it takes its toll depends on how amicable the split was.

Dating exs roommate

For example, if the relationship ended because one of you cheated, this creates an environment of ongoing tension, anger, and hurt. Think of grieving for your relationship as building scar tissue around a cut. Each time you reengage with your ex, you reinjure yourself. For someone who still lives with their ex, building the emotional scar tissue necessary to heal and move forward can be a challenge — but not impossible, say experts. Having an open conversation about the mechanics of how living together will work, and being open about your emotional needs, will help to minimize tension and resentment as you both lay the groundwork to move on.

You may not be able to separate physically, but you can financially and mentally. Decouple your bank s, bills, groceries, memberships, and start pursuing your own hobbies and interests. You may not be able to move out or redecorate, but rearranging your existing furniture and other dood can be a cost-effective way to refresh your space and mark the start of a new chapter even if that chapter still involves your ex.

When exes do things together they used to do as a couple the difference in dynamic — say, you used to watch movies together and cuddle, but now you watch them on opposite sides of the couch — can be awkward, painful, and stall the healing process. For exes who were in a heterosexual relationship, this can translate into the woman feeling more drawn in and the man feeling more repelled after rekindling sex, so best to avoid this minefield at all costs during your stint as roommates.

Maybe it involves minimizing interaction, or being friendly but keeping conversations light and superficial. Having an open conversation about what each of you hope your new relationship script will look like, and doing your best to follow through on this new dynamic, might not make the healing process any easier, but at least your roommating waters will be a lot less murky. Krissy Brady covers women's health and wellness. at her website, Written by Krissy.

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Dating exs roommate

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Dating exs roommate Dating exs roommate

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What It's Like to Be Roommates with Your Ex