Discreet free affairs Paterson New Jersey

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Fordyce for a term of three years. Since being appointed to the school board Mr. Adams has advocated many improvements in the local schools and has always been a hard worker for the interests of the tax- payers. He was born in Paterson and received his education in the local public schools.

Discreet free affairs Paterson New Jersey

After leaving school he was employed by the J. Van Winkle Company, hardware dealers, and since that time has been appointed treasurer of the concern. He has been in the employ of the Van Winkle Company for the past fifteen years. Adams is married and has one. He is a member of the Jr. In politics Mr.

Adams is a Republican. He later came to this country and settled in Paterson.

Discreet free affairs Paterson New Jersey

He entered business, and became the proprietor of a bathing resort located close to Westside Park Bridge, and which is popular throughout the county. He is well know as a labor leader and organizer, serving as Treasurer of the United Broad Silk Weavers of America, for a term of six years. He also served three years as doorkeeper of the General Assembly, and was appointed Factory Inspector infor a term of three years, by Governor Voorhees, and was a keeper of the Passaic County Jail for four and one- half years, under the regime of Sheriffs Sturr and Bergen.

He is a life-long Republican, and among his friends are leading members of his party in Passaic County and throughout the State. He was elected to the assembly for a third term by an increased plurality of 7, over the highest candidate on the Democratic ticket. At the last election he was elected as County Freeholder on the Republican ticket.

Discreet free affairs Paterson New Jersey

Hunter is a married man. His favorite sport is swimming. Wiseman was born in Paterson just twenty-seven years ago. He received his early education in the public schools of this city. He took a liking towards law and decided to enter the New York Law School. He graduated from that school and was admitted to the New Jersey bar as an attorney in In the subject of this sketch was admitted to the bar as a counselor. He has held office as Secretary of the Republican County Committee for the past four years during which time he has performed his duties most creditably.

He is also a member of the Recreation Commission. Wiseman is not married. In politics he is strictly Republican. In social circles he is connected with the North Country Club, Knickerbocker Club and a of others. He is well liked and respected by all his fellow members. He is a lover of all clean sports especially baseball, tennis, golf, hunting, and fishing. Anthony H. Stein, Rector of St. Joseph's R. Church, by his many years of service in Paterson, has endeared himself to many as the city's most noted clergymen.

He has ever been active and an enthusiastic worker for everything which stood for parish or civic betterment, and is record of achievement is surpassed only by the Rev. Dean William McNulty. Father Stein was born in St. Michaels's Parish, Elizabeth, on May 31, As a boy he attended St. Benedict's College, Newark. In September he entered Seton Hall and graduated with the degree of A. In his fourth year, the young seminarian failed in health, and fearing he would not live to complete the course, Bishop Wigger consented to his immediate ordination and he became a priest on November 8, ; the twenty-fifth anniversary of which was recently celebrated in St.

Joseph's Church. Michael's, Newark, and St. Vincent's, Madison. He has ever since been identified with religious work in Paterson.

Discreet free affairs Paterson New Jersey

Under his rectorship, the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes grew extensively and four other parishes were created under his direction. St, Stephen's Polish Church, was the first of these, the others being St. Caslmir's Lithuanian Church, on Montgomery Street. He has also been energetic in securing civic reforms, particularly where they pertained to the parochial school system. In the Board of Trade, and its successor the Chamber of Commerce, he has taken lively interest serving on many standing committees.

He was active in organizing the Paterson Remedial Loan Association, under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce, and was elected its first President. Father Stein holds the distinction of being the only priest to serve as the foreman of a grand jury in this county.

He has also been active at all times in the interests of the Catholic soldiers in the Fifth Regiment, saying mass for them at their annual encampments at Sea Girt. He is a member of the Rotary Club and of the Knights of Columbus, in which organization he has served many terms as local and State Chaplain. On the death of the Rev. Joseph's Church where he is still stationed. JOHN G. Zabriskie, whose many contributions to the musical world have afforded much pleasure not only to Paterson and Passaic County theatregoers but to music-loving audiences all over the country.

From his earliest childhood Mr. Zabriskie has been a devoted worshipper at the shrine of Orpheus and every opportunity was given him to gratify his musical tendencies. At an early age he was a proficient musician and by constant application rose to the topmost ranks. For many years he has been organist of St.

Paul's P. Church and many of his original works first find their way to public approval over the keyboard of the stately instrument in that church. Of late Mr. Zabriskie has confined his composing genius to works for the organ and church music, but when in lighter vein he has also given many favorite light opera s and ball. As director of the Paterson Amateur Operatic Association his genius as a leader was emphasized. Much of the success which crowned the efforts of this most famous of Paterson's amateur company was due to his efforts.

Besides directing this company he also wrote several of the operas produced by them, among which were. Zahriskie is a member of the Hamilton Club and is also affiliated with several of the societies connected with St. Paul's Church. His favorite pastime is automobiling and in this he finds inspiration for many new works. Waterhouse, born at Aurora, Illinois, innow residing at Passaic Avenue, Passaic, is widely known throughout this section as an architect, and as a member of a of the most prominent organizations in this country.

His favorite sports are yachting and hunting, and amongst his friends and acquaintances he is known as an expert rifleman and an excellent sailor. He was educated at Jenning's Seminary, Illinois, and Rollin's College, Florida; has worked at and studied architecture for more than twenty-five years, and many of the buildings in Passaic and vicinity stand as testimonials of his skill as an architect.

His political sentiments are Republican and he has for a long time been active in church movements and also Identified with public-welfare movements and programs that call for better and more beautiful public buildings and homes. Waterhouse married Miss Lillie Huff, and has three daughters. O'Brien, the funeral director, of Main Street. O'Brien was born in County Wexford, Ireland, and came to this country with his parents when. He attended St. Nineteen years ago he left his position in the silk mill and started in the undertaking business, in which he attained great success.

At the beginning his business was small as might be expected, but by close attention and a genial disposition he enlarged until at the present time he is one of the best known funeral directors in the State. For many years, Mr. O'Brien has enjoyed the distinction of being one of the best known singers in the city. Every affair held for charity in past years could always count upon the genial Martin to appear on the program as he is ready at all times to take part in affairs of any kind for charity.

O'Brien is very prominent in fraternal circles in the city. He is a member of the Paterson Lodge No. John's R. O'Brien is a lover of outdoor sports of all kinds. Donnelly, Superintendent of the Almshouse, is one of Paterson's foremost business men, and is well known and liked all over the city. Donnelly worked as Superintendent of the Boiler Department of the Cooke Locomotive Works for thirteen years before becoming Superintendent of the Almshouse. His record with the Cooke Locomotive Company is enviable for its diligence and activity. Donnelly is sixty-two years of age and has eight children in his family.

He is a member of the Elks and K. Clubs, in both of which lie takes a great deal of active interest, participating in all of their functions. He is highly thought of by his brother members, and is well-known all over the city as a great baseball fan and an ardent booster of the game. Donnelly, from was a member of tile Board of Aldermen and has been connected with the Almshouse for twenty- four years. The work he has already done for the city and the interest he takes in every civic movement for its betterment, entitles him to a place amongst the city's foremost citizens.

At present he is a member of the Passaic County Board of Taxation. He attended the public schools of the Metropolis and when barely sixteen years old graduated with high honors from the Free Academy, known today as the Free College of the City of New York. His parents were descendants from Dutch stock of New York, and in they moved from New York to Corona, a small village near Hackensack, and now known as Hasbrouck Heights. There they engaged themselves in tilling the soil. He held this position until when he came to Paterson. He entered the office of Lawyer John C. Paulison and four years later was admitted to the bar.

He cast his first vote then as he declares today his first ballot was for the Democratic party and has been so ever since. On the death of his preceptor, Mr. Van Cleve assumed the practice left by Mr. That he faithfully performed his duties towards his clients is best proven by his large practice today.

Inhe was appointed Judge of the District by Governor Green, holding that position until the Republicans came into power and ousted him. Later he was appointed a member of the Police Commission. He served his party faithfully while in this position but was again ousted by the Republicans when the Police Commission was legislated out of office. Today, former Judge Van Cleve is as active as ever. He is an able debater, full of wit, at the same time possessing that calm sarcasm, and irony of speech which cuts deeply into the opposing force.

Though now in his sixty-third year he is as active and as aggressive as ever.

Discreet free affairs Paterson New Jersey

Frank Hart, the popular merchant of Washington and Fair Streets. Born in Paterson, fifty-seven years ago, Mr. Hart has always been known as a man of an affable disposition and willing to do all in his power to help a friend in need. His early education was acquired in the public schools, which aided him materially in establishing the large business that stands as a monument to his untiring efforts in commercial circles of this city.

For the past twenty- eight years he has been located at his present stand on Washington Street. During this long period, which has been one continual advance in his respective field, Mr. Hart has created a wide acquaintance which is made up of men in all walks of life. Politically lie is a Republican and is regarded by the leaders of the party in Paterson as a man of integrity; one who will exert every effort to see the candidate to whom he has pledged himself bring his contest to a successful issue. He is a member of tile Odd Fellows and the Royal Arcanum.

Both organizations are proud to have him enrolled in their fraternal circle, the advancement of which is always dear to the heart of the subject of this sketch. In sports Mr. Hart is regarded as an authority on the best streams for fishing and the hunting grounds in New Jersey and New York Stales.

Discreet free affairs Paterson New Jersey

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