Drink drug testing kits

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Subscriber active since. Infour male college students at North Carolina State University came up with an unusual plan to combat drug-facilitated sexual assaults on campus: drug-detecting nail polish. They founded a startup called Undercover Colorsand the bold idea quickly lit up the internet. Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban called it "brilliant," while feminist author Jessica Valenti wondered in a Guardian headline"Why is it easier to invent anti-rape nail polish than find a way to stop rapists?

Instead, Undercover Colors is launching a drug test based on the technology used in pregnancy pee strips. Users can dabble a bit of a drink onto the button-sized test, and within about 30 seconds, you'll see either one or two little pink lines that reveal whether the liquid has been contaminated with any benzodiazepine drugs.

The class of drugs the test looks for includes Xanax, Valium, and Rohypnol, which are some of the most common date-rape drugs, or roofies, in use according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. The test has two lines on it: the first is a control line, which lets you know the test is working properly. If a second line appears, the drink is safe. But the absence of a second line means your drink has been drugged.

The concept used in the test is called lateral flow. It's a kind of obstacle course for liquids, and depending on how you set it up, the technique can test for anything from a hormone produced by placenta in the case of pregnancy tests to a date-rape drug. In this version of the test, liquid droplets on the paper unlock a bunch of colored particles inside that begin to flow across the sticky strip.

Drink drug testing kits

Benzodiazepine drugs, however, prevent the pink dye from sticking to the paper. So if the test strip doesn't fully turn colors, you'll know drugs may be at work. To avoid confusion about how to read thethe test offers a reminder about how to read the lines — the spot where the first line appears is labeled "bad" and the second line is labeled "good. And when it fails, it gives false positives. Before the test hit the market, I met up with Letourneau to try out the test.

He brought tequila and drugs, and we prepared two cocktails: one just had a shot of Jose Cuervo, while the other had tequila that was laced with diazepam, which you may know by its brand name, Valium. Sure enough, the test of the drugged drink only had one line, not two. But because the test is tiny and bar lighting can be dim, it might be tough to know for sure whether you're seeing just one line or two in a social setting. Even so, people have to remember to carry a test around with them and use it in the right moments. The medallions come with carrying cases that you can slip onto the back of a smartphone or add discreetly to a keychain, but it still seems like a lot of extra steps and cost to ensure your drink isn't drugged.

Using the test regularly is a total habit shift — something humans aren't always so good at. At least one in four women in the US have experienced sexual assault, according to "conservative estimates" from the National Institutes of Health NIH. But it's hard to know how many cases involve drugs like benzodiazepines because most people don't test their drinks.

A US campus sexual assault survey of 6, undergraduates in found that Alcohol, on the other hand, is known to be a major accessory to rape: the NIH says roughly half of all sexual assaults involve alcohol.

Drink drug testing kits

Drinking can exacerbate an already bad situation, hamper motor control, and increase impulsivity, which can lead to violence. A test for drugs in drinks isn't going to singlehandedly solve America's rape problem. Plus, as many critics have pointed out, it shouldn't really be the victim's responsibility to ensure every person around them at a bar or a party isn't a creep.

But the new lateral-flow test may help some people stay safe, and it could have other possible uses, too.

Drink drug testing kits

The test could be used for any kind of liquid, from water, to blood, sweat, and urine. So a different version of the kit might some day be able to answer questions like: Is this tap water safe to drink? Is my blood healthy? Is this tomato contaminated with salmonella? Letourneau said those could all be future ways the company could expand if the tiny tech takes off.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at HOPE or visit their website to receive confidential support. For you.

Drink drug testing kits

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Drink drug testing kits

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I tried out a new test that tells you if a roofie was slipped into your drink — here's how it works