Fantastic spa bellmore reviews

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Usually I love this place but I got a powder manicure the other day which is expensive and 3 of my nails chipped the next day and now 3 days later almost all chipped : the powder was very thin and now I need to go to another salon to get them redone. I am very upset since I used to go here all the time but probably will not be returning. I had Angela as my person and she was amazing! Super kind and gave me an amazing 5 minute massage. Will be going here from now on! Do not waste your money there. The quality of their technicians is far from satisfactory. They rush through everything right down to the filing of nails.

So women who have imbalanced hormones are being charged EXtra?? This is not okay. My overall experience was very good. I had a little bit of a wait in the beginning and I tend to be bias my typical place was super busy. Well I was so pleased that they are following all the guidelines.

The girls made me feel very safe getting my nails done for the first time in months. I will be back. Had been going there for awhile but service going downhill. Went for regular manicure. Woman Ivy kept pushing gel manicure that I had but I wanted to give my nails a break and do a regular manicure. Kept telling her this seemed annoyed I wouldnt cave. Did a one, two three job. My massage at end lasted ten seconds. Worse of all I was charged 17 dollars not 10 realized it walking out the door and had to get that fixed.

I have been getting my facials at Fantastic Spa for about close to 10 years now. They really do an amazing job. I absolutely love this place. I go for spa pedicures, massages and the occasional facial and have never been disappointed. The girls are very pleasant and accommodating and Frank, the owner, is also very accommodating. I have developed lovely relationships with several of the techs. I highly recommend this place. To be fair - I always go in for the private pedi room or massages. Its my personal get away for myself.

Prenatal massage was great, facility left a little to be desired. No closed in locker room to change into a robe, had to use the restroom which was a little uncomfortable at 8 months pregnant. Other than that, I would go back. Nice clean place! The people who work here are very nice attentive and kind. Did a great job, my nails look good and best of all I feel awesome! The massage therapists are amazing, kind and most importantly, knowledgeable. The only thing they need to definitely change is when you pay for a lunch they bring you but trail mix and tea and you dont have privacy bc the room you are relaxing in is an open space and if tbeir is a company of friends who are together, you are walking in to a room of people looking all disheveled bc of the fact that you are in a robe which you just came from your massage.

Thats what happened to me and i felt that I had to keep my eyes closed to not feel that i am intruding into their space meanwhile i s the same that they did and maybe more The spa services are great. I had an amazing aroma therapy massage today!

The pedicure was a bit rushed and she didnt listen to me when I talked - but this is usually not the case. All in all, a good experience. I have recommended this place to my friends, as well brought friends in with me! Ive been going to Fantastic for several years now.

Fantastic spa bellmore reviews

The staff is always welcoming and friendly. The service is great and ambiance is relaxing. I even love the fact that they always extend their spa week. Went there as a bridal party for next day wedding. No work was done to nails as a manicure. All what they did just applied few coats on nail, and not accurately.

Same with pedi: no cleaning dead skin, no buffing, etc. Very disappointed. This is my go to place. Limited powder gel selection but great regular and gel polish selection. Prices are reasonable and service is great. This salon does it right! I made an appointment and was left waiting. I expressed my problem with uv gel nails and the nail technician reassured me she could apply them so they wouldnt lift After she applied them and was about to paint them you could see the gel lifting.

It was a brand new set and only 20 minutes passed.

Fantastic spa bellmore reviews

When she painted my nails she got paint all over my fingers and hardly on my nails. The sides of my nails are missing polish. I would never go back here. They nickel and dime everything they do and do not listen to the guests requests. I was there this pass Saturday for my birthday and I did the aromatherapy massage and a pedicure. The massage was amazing sandy really made me feel relax and made sure she I was comfortable.

I would go back again. Dawson was great! Took all the time needed to make sure my fill in, pedicure, and brows were done to perfection love love love him. Found this place on yelp and decided to give it a try since I work in the neighborhood. I had powder gel on my nail and was looking to get a new color change.

The girl that works the front desk started my Mani and probably got up about 10 plus times during the entire process. What started with a full dip manicure color selection is limited turned into a regular Mani The place itself looks nice but the poor service today will not allow me to go back. It is great here and they will do exactly what you tell them to do but the nail polish comes off easily.

This was my first and last time going here. I got a fill in with a regular coat of polish done and the nail tech put a uv gel top coat over my nails by mistake and i told her to redue my nails she said it was fine.

As soon as I was half way home the Polish started to peel and fall right off. I went back to the nail salon to show them what happened and they said they would fix it but I had to come back later in the day I told them I couldnt I wad going to a graduation so they said I could stay I would need to wait they have other customers. I waited about 15 to 20 min and another nail tech did my nails. When I want to get pampered, I always go to Fantastic Spa.

The technicians are always so friendly. I never feel that Im being rushed. I cant wait to try out the Spa. Angela and Sonya are the best! New front staff is so much better than before, very nice and welcoming. This place has gone ificantly downhill. Multiple areas were filthy last time I was here.

Fantastic spa bellmore reviews Fantastic spa bellmore reviews

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