Fiesta new 2013

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The Ford Fiesta isn't the cheapest car you can buy, nor is it the smallest. It's not even a gas-mileage zealot, when you consider the ultra-high mileage achieved by some other subcompacts now bracing us all for stiff new fuel-economy regulations. Instead, the Fiesta is smaller, zippier, and less expensive than the average Focus, without losing its focus on driving fun and features.

It's tiny inside for sure--but it's no penalty box.

Fiesta new 2013

Great first impressions are the Fiesta's specialty; it has well-coordinated colors and textures inside, and it'll impress as well above its price class at first look. But there are many of the typical small-car sacrifices--like a bit too much engine noise in some situations, and a choppy ride on some freeway surfaces. The narrow body and tight backseat whittle down its usefulness for long road trips, too, though we like the added versatility of the hatchback models. Then there's the Fiesta's instrument-panel layout, which clumps audio controls into an odd array of slanted buttons.

ForFord has rejiggered the Fiesta into three trims and consolidated some of the goodies into a lower of builds. What that means is that you'll likely get an even better value for the money.

Fiesta new 2013

Add a Convenience Package and you can get keyless entry and an upgraded sound system even on that model. Next up is the SE, which adds keyless entry, power windows, Ford's Sync hands-free connectivity system, steering-wheel audio controls, a trip computer, and upgraded sound. Remote start is optional, and several sport appearance packages can add some spice to the look. The Fiesta helped Ford take a new path with small car de, and when the automaker brought this small-car family to the U.

With its arched roofline and crisp profile, we like the Fiesta's wedge-like side view, along with how the hatchback's rear pillar nips and tucks. And in a trend that's all over the industry now but the Fiesta was one of the firstthe headlights sweep well back into the fenders.

High-mounted taillights rise into the rear pillars, in a position that's both functional and stylish. Overall, the four-door sedan doesn't raise our pulse to nearly the same degree--the proportions just don't come together in the same way, and the shorter passenger greenhouse tends to make it appear a little more tall and narrow, perhaps--but it's a neat, trim de nevertheless. Inside, the Fiesta isn't any less exciting, but we have to say that this isn't a top pick for those who want simplicity and function over form.

Ford based the instrument panel around mobile-phone keyp, and while the angled keys of the dash look good, they're not all that for functionality. Drivers can choose among seven "mood lighting" colors to illuminate areas like the cup holders and foot wells. Interior colors on higher trim levels aren't limited to standard black, but include hues like plum and cashmere.

In following, Ford has given the Fiesta an especially bright--some might say shocking, or garish--palette of colors, including ones like Lime Squeeze and Bright Magenta. But if you're less shout-out-loud, there are silver, black, and white shades, an Oxford White package with sharp contrasts, and a Race Red package with red-and-black leather seats and trim. The Ford Fiesta definitely hints with its styling that it's a little more extroverted than most other subcompacts. And while the Ford Fiesta does have chassis tuning that's on the sporty side, it really is what it is: a light, maneuverable four-cylinder small car with respectable gas mileage figures.

Against the group of subcompacts that pairs a low sticker price with high mileage, the Fiesta manages to be one of the strongest performers, and its horsepower, 1.

Fiesta new 2013

It's not quick by any gauge we're talking about ten seconds to 60 mpgbut there's a sense of responsiveness you might not expect considering a car that can hit 40 mpg. The five-speed manual is our recommendation, among the two transmissions, with its light, precise feel. Otherwise the six-speed PowerShift dual-clutch automatic that leaves a lot to be desired in low-speed driving, with some lurchiness and indecision, and it can simply take too long to downshift for more power.

Much like the original Mazda Miata, the Fiesta does a great job convincing you it has more performance credentials than it really does, and good steering and suspension tuning is key to this. The electric power steering system has just the right amount of weighting and feedback, and the Fiesta feels responsive and nimble, but secure enough for highway trips. This is a short car, and noticeable nosedive when stopping quickly is the only bothersome trait.

Fiesta new 2013

The Ford Fiesta doesn't have the space efficiency inside of rival models like the Honda Fit, but you do get a reasonably comfortable interior that should be just fine for the commute, or for taking the kids to after-school activities. Front seats in the Fiesta are a bit short and flat, and way too much like barstools, so the lack of support or contouring makes a long highway trip more of a chore to the back than it needs to be.

Headroom and legroom in back is tight for rear passengers, and adults over six feet tall will find the rear seats tight; front and rear passengers may have to negotiate over how far the seats go back. But the Fiesta's body is quite narrow, meaning that you won't be able to fit three adults in back and front driver and passenger will find elbows close. The split rear seatback makes the Fiesta's layout about on par with other small hatchbacks and sedans. Cloth is standard, with leather and contrasting piping on higher-end models--a nice MINI-like touch in a car available at almost half the price.

You definitely get more versatility with the Fiesta five-door hatchback models, with their capacity of up to 26 cubic feet, but the sedan offers a roomy for this small of a car Interior materials are a strong point, and we appreciate Ford's effort to keep the interior from being at all drab. On an individual basis you might find better materials for the price, but in the Fiesta it's just all extremely well coordinated. The adjustable cupholders are also particularly useful for households that might have both espresso sippers and Big Gulp gulpers.

Fiesta new 2013

Ride quality is only so-so here. As the Fiesta is a rather short small car, some traits like hoppiness on highway expansion ts are hard to mask. But Ford has made some ificant efforts with sound-deadening here, with a laminated windshield and a sound blanket under the hood. When accelerating, the engine note can be a bit too much in the forefront, however.

Fiesta new 2013

On real U. And it should be reassuring to know that at least among other cars its size, the Ford Fiesta is one of the safer picks. And in federal tests, the Fiesta has earned four out of five stars overall, including top five-star for frontal impact but a four-star result in side impact--with an asterisk noting a high likelihood of thoracic injury.

But safety-feature content is strong; front and side bags for driver and passenger, rear side curtain bags, and a knee airbag for the driver are all included. And the electric power steering incorporates Pull-Drift Compensation, which keeps the Fiesta tracking properly. When Ford launched the Fiesta a couple of model years ago, it went against the small-car grain in offering a of larger-car amenities in a small-car package. Now for Ford has made the package more competitive in the small-car market by streamlining the Fiesta into three models--S, SE, and Titanium--with the S model more focused for value-minded shoppers.

The Fiesta doesn't exceed the mpg figure that now earns kudos in the market, but it does meet it in at least one form. With ratings as high as 30 mpg city, 40 highway, fuel efficiency is definitely a strong selling point for the Fiesta, whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint or just keep your motoring budget as low as possible. With it, you add aerodynamic improvements, low-rolling-resistance tires, and cruise control. But perplexingly, it's only offered on the SE trim, so you have to be a pretty dedicated Fiesta fan to seek it out. Research By Category Body Style. Start a Loan Request Form Today!

Used Cars. By Make. Escape Expedition Explorer F Super Duty F Focus Focus Electric Freestar Freestyle. Fusion GT Taurus. Used By Year. Reviews Specs Photos Inventory. Likes Sharp styling 5-door especially Great steering, maneuverability Respectable safety ratings Strong feature set. Dislikes Interior space somewhat disappointing Balky PowerShift transmission Fashion-victim audio controls. Buying tip You have to pay extra to get the best fuel economy possible in the Ford Fiesta; is that backwards, or is that just us?

See Full Ford Fiesta Specs ยป. Small cars don't need to be bland--the Ford Fiesta proves that with a saucy look and pert handling. The Fiesta looks stylish and even a bit racy, with an urban-runabout element that had been missing from Ford's U. With impressive steering and handling and a nimble, maneuverable feel that's better than most softened, numbed appliances its size, the Fiesta is securely on the fun-to-drive side of the ledger.

Meanwhile the Fiesta's powertrains are nothing special; the hp, 1. Review continues below. Used Ford Fiesta for sale near change location.

Fiesta new 2013

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Fiesta new 2013

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