Free dating sim games for guys

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Mobile games allow people to have fun anytime and anywhere. You can get bored at work or at home and you can easily cope with boredom with an interesting game or application. Games that simulate real life, and you control your own character are quite popular because they allow you to get new experiences. One of the most popular computer games Sims was released inwhich immediately won love among users. In this genre of games are very popular those whose topics are associated with romance, relationships, and friendship.

If you lack this component in your real life, you can just run the application and immerse yourself in a world of romance and love. Simulators of dating often have a large text component — you need to read the replicas of other characters, as well as choose your answers. Romance Club — is the most popular romantic role-playing game for smartphones. Here you are invited to make a constant choice — as well as in real life to find your love or understand your feelings.

In the game, you have to create your own character, which would reflect your desired appearance, as well as fall in love, go on dates, and develop a real relationship with the proposed characters. Romance Club creates in your life a few additional worlds, where you will play the main role. The game has several major stories, the development of which occurs over time. Each of them has its own story, which you have to pass and untangle. Developers are constantly refining each story by adding new chapters. Also periodically there are new characters and plots, in which you will also be the hero of the main love story.

Love is a broad concept and has no limits. If you like different forms of love, and if you are a fan of Yaoi or Yuri, First Love Story game will be the best choice for you. Since most of the romantic stories assume different gender love, here you will get the full choice and freedom in your feelings. You can try any combination of pairs, choosing a guy or a girl in different passages of the game.

First Love Story is a visual novel, in which you can have a romantic experience with different people. The whole game is free from start to finish, but you only need to enjoy the story and learn the characters.

According to the choice you make at different stages, the course of history also changes, which gives you complete freedom and unpredictability of the final. Perhaps there you will even find the image of the person you are looking for in real life as a permanent partner. Your love can start anywhere. Of course, the most popular places for couples to form are educational institutions or jobs — the places where you can most communicate with people on a regular basis. My Candy Love is constantly hosting various events for players who are focused on specific topics.

Since there are 3 different parts to play, you can take part in each of them separately, using the circumstances in your favor. To promote a personal relationship, you will need to choose the right answers and questions for each character — this is how you can build love. University is the beginning of an independent life for every person.

This is where all serious romantic relationships begin, and only you can decide which one is your true love. But you can also just enjoy the young life, as you are suggested to do in Campus game. Here you will meet incredibly beautiful female students, who will be interested in communicating with you.

There are three girls in the game that stand out the most — they are the ones you need to develop your relationship with.

Free dating sim games for guys

Each of the girls in Campus has her own character and qualities. As the main character, you will be able to go out with them on dates, pick up their outfits and flirt. Over time, the relationship will develop, and if you find your own way to their heart, you will get additional bonuses in the game. It should be noted that the Campus has excellent graphics, and each character has its own appearance and character details. During the game, you will be offered additional missions that will allow you to earn bonuses to buy gifts for new students to win their hearts.

Romantic TV shows and reality shows are popular among viewers. In Love Island, you will be the hero of one of these reality shows, which are shown all over the world. In this world, you will be able to customize your character, personalizing its appearance, or even embodying it in a virtual world.

You will play as a real participant in the show, immersing yourself more and more in Love Island. Which choice you make and how you behave is left to guess! Here you have to choose with whom of the heroes you want to build a relationship or just flirt.

Behavior can also vary — cheeky, flirty, shy. In Love Island, you can embody all the secret desires and behave as you would never dare in the real world. There are 3 seasons and episodes in total, so your story on Love Island will not end quickly. Everything happens like in the real world — decide who stays with you and who leaves the villa and has no chance of love. Sinful Puzzle is the game, in which you enter the strange and unknown world. In the story, you wake up at the gates of Hell, without the slightest idea about what to do next. Behind the gates of Hell will be all the answers to your questions, and you need to find them.

Now you can look at it all in the game, where you decide what to do next.

Free dating sim games for guys

In order to make the game interesting for you, there are special tests, interesting tasks, and missions created for you. While passing the Sinful Puzzle, you will meet incredibly beautiful and sexy demonesses, that can interest you in a romantic way. If you take your mind off the main plotline, you will even be able to get closer to one of them, bringing presents and gifts. Remember that even the most terrible demonesses are still women, and they love gifts.

If it is not enough just to build a relationship in the game, you can try the Passion Puzzle. It is a game that has not only a romantic slope. Here, in addition to the main plot, you can constantly play puzzles like three in a row, passing levels, and earning coins for their romantic achievements. Passion Puzzle is deed specifically for the male audience, as the game presents only pretty girls, and your character is the only sexy guy.

Free dating sim games for guys

In the story of the game, you arrive at the resort to have a good rest and have fun. Of course, there are a lot of beautiful girls who show genuine interest in you. There are only 5 main characters, each of which is good in its own way — someone nice and shy, someone naughty and likes to flirt. You go on a date with each of them, as well as get their hot pictures. It should be noted that although Passion Puzzle is a free game, for a dynamic plot will need to invest real money — after all, it is very difficult to earn game currency.

Moments is another interactive game in which everything depends on your choices and wishes. Here you become the protagonist of romantic stories, as well as can create your own storylines. There is a lot of love stories — no one knows what your next choice will lead to. Moments invites you to meet different characters who will later become friends, family or even love.

You choose the story you want to read or pass.

Free dating sim games for guys

Each of them has its own characters, and communication and relationships with them are built from scratch. Intrigues will haunt you everywhere — after all, even the person to whom you have entrusted your heart can be a scoundrel. Moments will help you enjoy romantic moments, as well as read new and incredible stories of beautiful love.

Free dating sim games for guys

Would you like to feel like a really famous person? After all, celebrities are attracted to beautiful girls who begin giving heart at the sight of you. Puzzle of Love — a game that will allow you to feel like a popular writer, writing his new masterpiece. In the story, you are looking for a source of inspiration that can hide in a romantic relationship. Your goal is to find your new muse in thousands of beautiful girls and perhaps even find one single love.

Puzzle of Love contains the mini-game that will allow you to earn the game currency. During the process of lining up the items, you get awards and access to new characters. Accordingly, there are also additional amps, gifts, or toys to help you pass the game. You can choose from all the girls you want, but the dates will take place with each of them.

Puzzle of Love offers you to bring the love line to the end to find one muse — but it will be difficult because all the easy levels are left behind. Lovestruck is one of the few romantic games that allows you to develop relationships with different sexes. You can become a same-sex couple or a traditional couple — the developers take into your preference and develop the appropriate characters.

In the romantic game you choose who you fall in love with — believe us, it will not be the easiest choice. In Lovestruck there are more than 70 unique characters with different character traits, so there is a lot of work to do. As you can understand from the title, there are several main series in this visual novel. In each of them, you choose the character and get acquainted with its history. All stories are different and do not have even the slightest repetition — there is pure and tender romance, and stories from college, and a sweet love story with confectioners.

Choose a story to your taste and immerse yourself in this interesting world of Lovestruck.

Free dating sim games for guys

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