Happy tree friends creator

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for Happy Tree Friends. Common Sense says Gory, ultra-violent, cynical, black-humored site. Based on our expert review. Based on reviews. Add your rating. Parents say Kids say Parent of a 2-year-old Written by NK17 February 22, This review Helped me decide 2.

Had useful details 3. Read my mind 3. Report this review. This site is Disgusting Well it's not. The Common Sense review is completely accurate The message Boards reveal how young many of the users are, and the incessant advertisements make it clear that there are a of media companies who are happy to make a buck off this stuff. As for the creators, it's a shame that Mondo Media and Atom Films have stooped to this level and invested so much in producing and distributing this garbage. This site is not funny Indeed, it is quite scary on many levels It's the type of site that a Dylan Klebold or an Eric Harris would have thought was funny.

Buyers and Parents Beware. Had useful details 4. Read my mind 2. Bruh I love this show. Like absolutely love it. Yes I see where people are coming from with how it's gory and such and their kids watching it, being completely horrified like "Omg Timmy what are you watching?!?!?!?

It's not for. Clear as day. Not for kids at all. Not even their little heart shaped noses and just being cute animals of the forest. But yeah. Love it. Not for kids though.

Happy tree friends creator

Had useful details 2. Great show! PG 13 i recommend This show is great! I use to watch it when i was about Its is violent, but come one how many cartoons were violent when you were growing up when you really break it down look at loonie toons. Tnt blowing the coyote up, Elmer Fudd trying to kill bugsbunny all the time. If u dont like violence stay away and dont criticize there are warnings in the show itself that says not for kids or big babies. And if I had a kid I'd rather my kid watch this show then get up to the stuff the kids are getting up to nowadays behind parents back.

So no need to bash the show if ur not ok with violence. Ive watched this show many times and i turned out quite fine. Helped me decide 1. Adult Written by carold2 May 24, Old would watch parents don't let your kids watch this if there 17 and under. Helped me decide.

Happy tree friends creator

Had useful details. Read my mind 4. Parent of a year-old Written by horror-lover-bl April 5, Not appropriate for any age! Cute little animals get there guts pulled out, gore is everywhere, very graphicly shown! Parent of a 4 and 9-year-old Written by connielove93 March 9, Cute Animals, Cynical Stories I like this website myself but I would never let my young kids watch their videos. Happy Tree Friends may look cute on the outside but if you fully watch one of their videos you will know that these videos are only suitable for teens. It's very violent and cynical. The plot is just about cute animals who end up dying in unrealistic ways, like Final Destination.

If your kid can handle Final Destination they can handle this. Had useful details 1. Adult Written by Oi oi oi July 14, Adult Written by angellikes July 11, Dark, gory cartoon is okay Happy Tree Friends is fine I have 2 childern that found this show on their recommended on the personalized YouTube who are also very young; when they saw this, they were terrified. And they were for a couple of days where I had to sleep in their room for a while. If you decide to show this to your kids for a watch together, just make sure to skip the violence.

However, when I was a teenager, this cartoon was amazing for me. It glorified violence and death in gruesome ways I never saw before. When I had kids, however, I couldn't keep my love of this show around my. Happy Tree Friends is the best, in my opinion. I only love the series itself, not because of the blood and gory violence. It's because of the characters and popularity as well.

Happy tree friends creator

Adult Written by Toothy B. November 11, Why does my little 2 - 4 yr olds watch this? Read my mind 1. Adult Written by critic sense November 22, Every episode features characters being killed or tortured in highly exaggerated ways. The violence is very graphic, sadistic and often gory. The accompanying joyful music, cute characters and a seemingly kid-friendly atmosphere make the violent parts all the more disturbing and stomach-churning for even adult viewers. Although this is all animation it's not recommended for kids at all or any sensitive viewers.

Parent of a 2, 4, 8, 11, 13, and year-old Written by PrettyNasty March 20, This is nasty! I got disgusted watching the video please excuse my ignorance with the squirell and the lightbulb. Parent Written by Michael M. March 31, The aesthetic can be deceiving,but can be tolerated While a first glance into the aesthetic of Happy Tree Friends can often easily be viewed as an innocent children's show,Happy Tree Friends is much more than that,and not for positive reason.

The show itself is more of "Tom and Jerry" but amped up on the blood and gore of what would usually be slap stick humor.

Happy tree friends creator

However the show can be tolerated with the right mindset,because if the show were to simply remove the aspect of blood and gore,then it would be no different from any animated show from the likes of "Tom and Jerry". Violence is a heavy theme throughout this show,if your child already has a violence issue,this show is simply not for them. If your child happens to be around the age of 16 and without any violence issue,then this show may not be as huge of a concern for them to watch. It all comes down to the individual watching. Regardless,Happy Tree Friends should NOT be a show that is watched by a younger child or any person who simply can tell no difference between the right and wrong things to do from events in this show.

Parent of a 5, 10, and year-old Written by BigMamma October 14, Iffy for 13 and up there is absolutly NOO positive messages. Adult Written by elifnfguy June 15, I used to like the show, but it was too gory. I now hate it. Parent of a 11 and year-old Written by faith December 22, Read my mind.

Its ok This title contains: Positive Messages. Adult Written by Shardstream October 3, Good show. Many people say that there are no positive messages and that it is nothing but blood and guts. Half of the time there is gore and the other half there is no gore.

Happy tree friends creator

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Happy tree friends creator