Hard to trust god

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And I would be lying to you if I said that it was the easiest thing in the world to trust God during the hard times. One of the hardest moments in my life was when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Can we truly trust God in the hardest of circumstances? Is He worthy of being trusted with such big things? When I find it difficult to trust God, especially in the hard times, I often look to the story of Joseph.

Genesis 37 introduces us to a young boy named Joseph. His father was Jacob. His life was an amazing example of one who was able to trust God and keep the faith even in the hardest of times…. Even though he was betrayed and left for dead by his brothers.

Hard to trust god

Even though he was sold into slavery. Even though he was falsely accused for rape. Even though he was imprisoned. To put it simply, trusting in God means believing what He says about Himself, about the world and about you is true and unchangeable. Trusting is a choice, not a feeling. The Bible tells us repeatedly that God loves you and always keeps His promises. Remember: Trusting God is believing everything He says about Himself and everything He promises us to be true!

The world is crazy. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Therefore, friend — He is worthy of our trust.

Hard to trust god

Because He does not change — because He is always loving, caring, powerful and almighty — we can trust Him. What He is commanding us is to acknowledge the realities of this world, realize our need for Him alone, turn and believe Him. We can trust and obey God is to cast your cares and anxieties on Him. Pray and ask God to humble your heart. However hard it may be, start humbly and ask God to help us release our control because only He is able. Everyday, ask Him to help you release your grip on your circumstances. You can trust Him with your cares, frustrations and worries. He is your Father — your closest friend — your Savior.

Something that has helped me go from distrusting to trusting is spending quality time with God in His Word everyday. Like I always love to remind us, the more we read His promises, recount His faithfulness and get to know His heart through the Word, the more we will trust Him.

The Bible is packed with mind blowing goodness. The main overarching theme of the Bible is who God is, what His good plan for the world is and Who He sent to save us! Think about it: The more you know someone, the more you trust them. It also helps us trust Him more. Now this could be a better example but bear with me. If you trusted me, one way you could demonstrate that trust is to jump out without a buddy strapped to you.

Application: Because of who God is, because of His character, you can trust that simply walking in obedience to Him will bring you blessing, joy, sanctification and security. Even in the hardest of times. Ask God to renew your mind and help you switch the attention from worrying about the world and circumstances around you.

There are a lot of things that make it feel like the foundation beneath us is crumbling. But like we mentioned before, that usually comes when we make the circumstances bigger than the Creator. Over and over in the gospels, Jesus sharply encourages people to confess their unbelief and turn away from it. But take heart. Our Father knows that His children will have moments of unbelief. But He graciously provides us a way to confess our unbelief and turn away from it.

Hard to trust god

Ask Him to help you find your security and confidence in Him alone. In a world that tempts us to put our security in material things like money, status or even governmental systems, may we be people who hold fast to Him and His truth alone. It causes us to rush ahead of the Lord and eventually lose hope. Many of us wonder if God is just sitting around, not working. A heart that trusts God is one that waits patiently on Him. The good times and the bad. The hard and the difficult. Although we may grow tired and weak, God will renew us if we choose to wait on Him.

To trust Him. Wait patiently. Settle into the hope He provides. Walk in it everyday and wait for what He has brewing. He wants you to walk with Him, every day and learn to trust Him as you take each step. Taste and see who He is — trustworthy. Hi sis! Contact My Story Links. Lifestyle For the Blogger Fashion. People say I can… but how?

His life was an amazing example of one who was able to trust God and keep the faith even in the hardest of times… Even though he was betrayed and left for dead by his brothers. Not just a feeling that comes and goes with the day. Walk in obedience to Him. Find security and confidence in Him alone. Wait on the Lord and renew your hope. Summer Outfit Ideas for Christian Your online encourager.

Hard to trust god

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Why Trusting God is Hard