How to become open minded

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It just happens to be true for just about everyone, including Kim and me. And ask yourself this:.

How to become open minded

Accepting that is the first step to being more open-minded. Punching a wall hurts less. But punching a wall will always hurt. Belief: Men should pee sitting down at home. Your brain creatively fills in the gaps to protect you from crippling doubt and indecision. But if you let it rampantly lie to you those blind spots will become nasty stains. Do this quick exercise to see your blind spot. It takes five seconds:. But others can see your blind spots as clearly as they can smell your bad breath. So ask someone you trust today to help you find your psychological blind spots and be open-minded enough to actively listen.

I was wrong. The same happens with your beliefs. Your brain prefers consistency over accuracy. If you change everything else, your mind will feel FOMO and follow suit. Here are some things to try changing today to be more open-minded:. And to be a certified foodie you must have strong preferences on a certain type or brand of cheese, beer, ice cream, wine, coffee, whiskey, or whatever. Advanced level taste testing: Do two taste tests. First, do an open-eyed taste test in which you see the brands.

How to become open minded

Record your preferences. Then, days or weeks later, do a taste test of the same products but blind. Get your howevers outta here, too.

How to become open minded

And see our post on how to keep an open mind for another language-related way to be more open-minded. The Voyager 1 space probe took the below photo of earth, the little white dot halfway up the white stripe, from about 6 billion kilometers away. On it, everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you have ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. Would you be like that person who blames their computer for making a mathematical mistake and argue? Or would you be open-minded enough to question your belief and ask this being the truth?

It change change your mind and your direction.

How to become open minded

Here are five of my favorite tactics from our post on how to keep an open mind and be right more often :. Get a mind-opening new idea along with some quick thought starters every 10 days by ing Kim, me, and a few thousand subscribers on our newsletter, Consider This.

Please confirm your subscription by opening the welcome note you should have in your inbox. Disclosure: Whenever possible, we use links that earn us a cut if you pay for stuff we recommend. Read our affiliate policy. Though my Lululemons are still the best sports shorts overall. For beach volleyball, no liners is better. Less sand gets caught everywhere. But since Chris started experimenting with sleeping on the floor back in Valencia last summer, our sleep quality has improved ten-fold and our relationship is the same as it used to be.

Still not sure, try it yourself and use a Fitbit or Oura ring to track your sleep quality. I used to think Airbnbs were amazing and were eventually going to make hotels go out of business. Read our post about its pros and cons of hotels vs Airbnbs and let us know what you think.

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How to become open minded

Listen to the Skeptoid one here. And ask yourself this: When was the last time you changed your mind? When did you change your mind about an opinion or belief that matters? This post on how to be more open-minded will help you find the next steps to take today. How to Be More Open-Minded Today Warm your mind up for opening Plant seeds of doubt in your brain Do some blind-spotting Change something other than your mind Do a blind taste test Go but-less Get some perspective Ask yourself better questions Learn tactics to keep your mind open.

What if I get sick or something? Good Choice. Independent Thinking. Be Your Best. Book Summaries. Climate change is way more serious than I used to believe and Kim and I need to make long-term decisions, like where we live, based on its effects. Wearing my underwear two days in a row is not a good idea.

I used to favor beer over wine whenever I had the choice, thinking wine was a pretentious waste of money. The Sea Point neighborhood in Cape Town would actually be a decent place to live. We need it to keep in touch with our audience. Workouts should be intense, ideally full-body, and more natural in their movement patterns to be beneficial to me in the long run.

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How to become open minded

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Contradict yourself to become more open-minded