How to get him to open up about his feelings

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Anita Sanz. Dana Vince. Allison Cohen. Randi Gunther. Karla Downing. Margie Ulbrick. Kristen Brown. Lisa Resnick. Jamie Turndorf. Jennifer Musselman. Rachel Dack. Margot McClellan. Kimberly Atwood. Brynn Cicippio. Anna Morfe. Mary Kay Cocharo. Stephanie Newberg. Brooke Campbell. Bobbi Jankovich. Elizabeth Baum. Getting a man to open up to you and share his feelings, fears, and concerns is not as hard as you might think.

For the same reason you want to feel more connected to him. It feels so good to be able to be completely yourself with another person! He has learned to keep his feelings to himself. You have to show him that you accept him, as he is. Anita Sanz — www. In my counseling practice, I often hear women say they want their man to be more emotionally open with them.

But inevitably, when their partner shares, they jump all over them. They get reactive, critical, or are unable to accept or take in what their partner is sharing. So one of the first things to pay attention to is your own reaction when your partner shares his thoughts, opinions, or feelings.

If he shares something that you might not want to hear, do you get defensive, attacking, angry, or cry? If sharing gets this kind of reaction from you, he may shut down to preserve the relationship or your feelings or his own ego. Harsh as it may seem, this hesitance is real, ificant and can greatly impact your relationship, unless you both take active steps to restructure the dynamic.

While you may always ask questions and contribute your feelings, you want to be sure that they are given in a loving, open and soft manner.

How to get him to open up about his feelings

Over time, your partner will learn that there is safety in sharing and your connection and communication will grow deeper. Allison Cohen, M. I spent many days sitting quietly in a corner listening to men talk to each other. The subject of women rarely came up. They talked about sports, battle, business, and health. Sometimes, philosophy and how to maintain their identities in the face of competition and role expectation. When I speak to a man about his internal world, I listen deeply to what he means underneath his truncated expressions and try to ignore the words he has been taught to use that are not flowery or excessively exaggerated.

When grieving, they want to be told how to get through their pain as quickly as possible and to make sure everyone else is okay. I have heard so many women try to get their men to feel, missing completely that they feel deeply but have not often been taught to share those emotions.

How to get him to open up about his feelings

Too often, the woman in a relationship le with her own emotional agenda and expects their man to follow suit. It usually backfires.

How to get him to open up about his feelings

Randi Gunther — www. It is that they express their feelings differently than women. If there is a safe time for a man to share his innermost thoughts and feelings, it is when you are with him without demanding he talk. If you do this, you will certainly be unsafe to share his innermost thoughts with and he will purposefully withhold things from you instead. Criticize his disclosures and he will clam up vowing never to go there with you again. Somewhere in there will be something related to a feeling that will give you insight into what is going on with him.

Make it safe to be who he is and you will begin to speak his emotional language rather than him speaking yours. Karla Downing, MFT — www. Although it is a generalization many women do have this longing to get their men to open up emotionally. However, unfortunately what often seems to happen is that because a woman has this feeling of lack in her man, she ends up communicating criticism and disappointment.

Women are far better served by sticking with expressing themselves from their heart in a loving manner. So, a woman needs to be able to articulate her needs and wants in a way that does not make her partner defensive. So, women need to connect in with their feminine selves and speak from their heart space. That way a man can feel respected and that his process is within his control: that he can choose to share in a safe space and open himself up to the love and intimacy that he also wants on a deep level. We can never change another person, only ourselves, so the best bet to assist your person in learning to open up is to provide a safe place for his words to fall.

How to get him to open up about his feelings

The key to helping someone verbally open up is to always and I mean always refrain from judging them when they express themselves even just a little bit. For an emotionally quiet person, sarcasm, judgment or even humor regarding their thoughts and feelings can feel very painful. It ignites a trigger in them that sends them reeling and is the whole reason why they are not discussing their feelings in the first place.

Some people have an easier time trusting partners quickly, while others need a lot of time to adjust before they can share their emotions. To be emotionally open in a relationship can cause us to feel vulnerable and so trust acts as a safety net for when we start to share who we are. Before you start to hold expectations of others, it is important to get to know them and understand them. You cannot force anyone to change or be who you want them to be, so it is important first to start with what you know.

How to get him to open up about his feelings

How we feel about our emotions and the emotions of others contributes to our willingness to participate in an emotionally intimate relationship. If the person you are involved with is not interested in an emotional relationship, there is little you can do to change that, BUT if the individual is open to building an emotional bond then growth is possible!

After you understand who your partner is, what they are looking for and what they are comfortable with, the next step is to grow to accept them for who they are, how they feel and what they want.

How to get him to open up about his feelings

Acceptance is a crucial component to building trust and emotional connection in a relationship because if we do not feel free to be who we are, it is much harder to build trust, and even harder to express emotions. This kind of empathy requires deep listening and patience. Listen to them and allow them to share with you whatever they chose.

Your openness will help them trust you which will in turn foster emotional relationship growth. When we are patient and allow others to be who they are and to achieve change at their own pace, then we also encourage acceptance, understanding, and decrease pressure all allowing trust to grow. To encourage an emotionally strong relationship to blossom it is important to have realistic expectations of your partner, understand and accept them as they are, and have empathy through listening and patience.

Have no fear. Love is here! There is a way to encourage even the most close-lipped guys to start spilling their emotional guts to you. In order to help your guy talk, you need to understand the three main reasons why they resist doing so. First: The male gender role itself encourages guys to keep their feelings close to the vest. Instead of talking about feelings, they focus instead on actions, goals and outcomes. They may also be afraid of facing your own emotional intensity—most especially your anger. Your anger upsets them more than you could ever imagine, especially when they love you and want to make you happy.

Now, that you know the three main reasons why guys resist opening up, let me give you a blueprint for handling each of these three blocks. In the first case, you can help your guy dissolve the macho armor by reminding him that it takes a lot of courage and strength to face strong feelings. When he does exhibit the courage to put his toe in the water, make sure that you listen without judgment and thank him for sharing.

Ask him once a week what can you do to be a 10? Where are you falling short? If he sees that he can talk to you, and feel heard and not retaliated against, that will invite more and more honest communications from him. Since emotional disclosure is so highly linked to relationship satisfaction, I encourage you to learn my proven methods today. Jamie Turndorf — www.

It can be hard work to dig through the clutter in our mind and touch the places where feelings hang out — and they do — in all of us. If your man is not particularly verbal about his emotions and you are attempting to connect on a deeper level, try this:. Ask a direct question about how or what they feel and keep the conversation moving. Print a list of feeling words and keep it around.

How to get him to open up about his feelings

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