How to make man love me

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in. Men are a mystery, like who built the pyramids? No one knows. What would happen if you got your man flowers or wrote him a love letter? Make sure your fridge is full of stuff he likes to drink, because it may be your apartment, but he lives there rent free now. Bonus: take him back to his frat days and chuck him a brewski when he steps out of the shower. Make him a snack after sex. Men love sex and men love snacks! You read that right, goddess! It has to be a gourmet snack — bacon wrapped scallops with cream sauce and roasted Brussels sprouts with a side of chicken fingers will do in a pinch.

Send him good links to smart blog posts that he can read on his chill Galaxy Note. If you loved him, you could go on a date with someone who works at HBO and ask him if Vince Vaughn really is that talented. Brag about him to your friends, your family, coworkers, and everyone at your weekly Al-Anon meetings.

Remember that a lie is the truth with a positive life attitude. Answer the door in a negligee. Better yet, answer the door naked. Better yet, answer the door without skin. Men love skeletons. Be open to what he wants to try in the bedroom. If he wants to cry after prematurely ejaculating, just let him! Then make him a snack. But most importantly, be open to what he wants OUT of the bedroom. Allow him to solve your petty work squabbles.

So let him chime in on whether or not accepting partnership at the firm will effect your pro bono work helping indigenous peoples negotiate with local, state, and Federal government.

How to make man love me

During the big game, spit out a sport stat that will really impress him. It gets pretty boring when someone is constantly giving you their heart and soul. Try pulling a quarter out of his ear. Was he surprised?

How to make man love me

Try the other ear. Does the he like hot dogs? Slice up hot dogs, and lightly chew them into small little bites. Ask him to lay his head on your lap, and then slowly spit those tiny morsels from your mouth into his mouth. This will make the little birdie feel special. Treat his friends the way you treat your friends: smile politely, laugh at their jokes, and let your hatred for them slowly consume you from the inside out, like cancer.

And once you have his heart, you can keep it locked in the trunk of your car.

How to make man love me

Sit next to him quietly while he zones out in front of the TV. Sit next to him quietly while he plays Xbox. Sit next to him quietly, like a sphinx. Light a candle. Give him a foot rub. Name his bunions after his favorite stars of sports. Next, give him a sensual back massage. Listen to him cry in the dark. Tease him about his emotionally distant father, who is largely responsible for his inability to be intimate with women. Tease him about getting laid off, his growing drinking problem, and his complicated yearnings.

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How to make man love me

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