How to stop texting

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Breakups are the worst. Not only do you have to change the passwords for all your streaming services, but you can end up feeling confused, hurt, and lonely. Cue the late-night texts and not-so-casual holiday wishes to your ex. Though you may want to put the phone down and move on, severing contact with an ex is easier said than done.

How to stop texting

It is possible, however, to rewire your heart and habits. Here are a few ways you can learn to stop texting your ex for good. Even sending an "I miss you" text could be more about missing that emotional connection with someone rather than actually longing for your ex.

Weber Ph. Constantly reaching out to your ex is just reinforcing that behavior.

How to stop texting

This may buffer the blow but it cures nothing. Purging your ex from your contacts is a foolproof way to stem the flow of texts, but it can seem like a drastic measure, especially if you have hopes of reconnecting as friends someday. Put the envelope somewhere safe and out of sight, and then delete their from your phone. Feeling that familiar itch in your thumbs? Create a healthy distraction by picking up a new hobby or rediscovering an old one.

If you want to keep your brain happy and your mind off texting your ex, hitting the gym or jogging around the block could help. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. Rhodes told Elite Daily.

How to stop texting

If you want to be extra sure nothing gets sent to your ex, leave your phone at home on its charger. There are a ton of apps and plugins deed to help you sever ties with your ex. Worried your night out will turn into a series of regrettable texts? Drunk Mode for iPhone and Android will let you block outgoing calls and texts for a set of hours. Of course, old-fashioned blocking and un-following is also a viable option. Weber told Psychology Today. Use these tips to put the phone down and focus on the future. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Sophia Mitrokostas. Recognize why you want to text your ex.

How to stop texting

Acknowledge why you need to stop. Delete their. Distract yourself, and preferably, break a sweat. Reconnect with your friends. Enlist technological help. Give it time. Loading Something is loading. address. Texting Break up advice Breakups Evergreen story.

How to stop texting How to stop texting

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How to Stop Texting Someone