I will miss u all

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We hardly ever had any homework and our parents thought we were too innocent to punish us if we came home from school late. So we considered this to be the perfect time for some refreshing fun. I learned a lot from a participation which I initially thought was simply about having a good time. In one sense I did have a good time but it was over roared by a pretty hefty consequence. My overriding regret is substantial and can never be amended.

My teachers gave me homework every night but it never took more than an hour, at the very most, to complete. I never felt like I was especially smarter than all the other people in my grade. I thought all the other kids Formal schools are preparing much less then half of the population for success and the rest are being prepared just to get by.

There is nothing wrong with slowing down material for students who struggle, but nothing good will come from making the substance easier all together.

I will miss u all

Driving in the rain or snow was not an issue for me before. I did not have to wonder if class was going to be cancelled. My life was definitely much simpler before college. Being homeschooled, in a way, spoiled me and surely did not prepare me for what I would face in college.

Some of the difficulties and challenges I faced in the classroom were regular everyday occurrences. The setting I was used to being in change completely because I knew nobody and did have much confidence in myself. The intensity of school work got harder and not having anyone at home to help me made things feel impossible. In some part I am glad things worked out this way because it forced me to improve my independent and study skills.

The rest of the years after freshman year were much better. I knew almost everyone in the school which made me not feel lonely and I started to have more free time. Another example was, I told her, "I really miss seventh grade. With her love of teaching and caring about her students, Mrs. Wroblewski really wants everyone to succeed. She will take time out of her busy life to help students understand material being taught and will help until the student feels comfortable with it. As I got into Middle school, it was easy even without studying I had a grade that made my parents proud.

Because of the grade I was getting, my parent assumed I was responsible enough to get a phone and anything else I wanted. As year passed by I started wanting a future, and my teachers keep telling me that with a grade as good as mine, I will be going to a good college and will have a bright future. I thought I had everything in life, and it made me never grateful with what I had. But then, I made a decision to move to United States, and since I moved to United States, I became a responsible and a grateful person.

It all started in high school, as a person, I was far from being responsible.

I will miss u all

School was just a place to meet friends, spent most of my time playing around, and never thought about the future. But gradually, my parents were getting worried about me. I learned a new skill every day which I tried to use on my other professors. Using it in really life or discussing in class became helpful. The class always seemed to enjoy debates, I Science is a hard topic for students connect with since most of the time its either you love it or you hate it. I suppose I just took the longer route to get there than most people do. For example, teaching young children is one of the few jobs in which you can give and receive hugs on a daily basis.

Children have an innocence and a passion for knowledge that I find amazing and I do not feel complete unless I am around them. Through volunteering and being at the school s quite often I began to see how wonderful teachers can be, as the majority of the teachers that I came in contact with seemed to be very passionate about their jobs.

This was foreign to me—caring teachers! I wanted to contribute what I could in attempt to obliterate childhood educational experiences such as mine.

I will miss u all

After all, anyone can sit back and criticize teachers and the education system. Satisfactory Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. It's only been two years here, and I have grown to love this school. It just didn't sound interesting. I felt like I wouldn't belong and I figured that I wouldn't get along with any of the teachers, but boy was I wrong! I never thought that TC would have changed me, and get my life back on track. First of all, everyone is always complaining about the uniforms, but I love them!

I will miss u all

All I have to do is throw it on in the morning. I don't even have to make them match or anything. One day I got up a few minutes before school stared, but since I didn't have to pick out my clothes I was still on time. It's so easy, no one is judging you because they have the exact same thing on. Now, to the teachers. What could I do without them? I remember one time during the year I had some family issues.

The teachers could see that in my work and in the way I was acting, something was wrong with me. So basically every teacher talked to me to see what was going on and helped me to raise my grades back up. That is why it's so great to have that one on one attention. All the teachers, also make class endurable, and entertaining. They make it more fun to learn and put it in a way that makes me want to learn. They also are always going out of their way for me. I can't think of a time I have asked a teacher to help me with something or go over something and they have said "no I'm busy or "no I can't.

That acronym is C. Its great having that writeen everywhere and seeing it every day. I actually try to be a citizen, and try to respect and try to show initiative, and well you guys no where I'm going with this. I never thought that I would say this, but I am happy how strict the school is. Get Access.

I will miss u all

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I will miss u all

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