Just looking and warding

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I hate beating a dead horse. There are plenty of guides out there on warding, so to make sure there's a point in writing another one, I wanted to make sure it goes beyond what's already out there. And that led to this guide. Like I said in my first guidethere are no right or wrong ways to play DOTA, only dumb and smart ways.

I want to focus on answering the question "why? If you understand why things are done a certain way, you don't need a guide, and you don't need to memorize all 61 spots I discuss here. You can think of your own spots and innovate. After all, that's what separates great players from good players. This guide will discuss even situational ward spots, with screenshots of the vision it provides, and how that vision complements what your team is trying to accomplish at that moment.

I have extensively reviewed the warding guides already out there, and even optimized some of the most popular ward spots. I tried my best to consider almost every single good ward spots, but it is by no means an exhaustive list. I hope your creativity takes you beyond this guide. But first, this can't be the ultimate guide without at least covering the basics. I'll try to keep it brief though. Observer ward. It costs gold, and you get 2 stacks with one purchase. The shop will start off with 2 in stock, and that is the max. If the shop has less than 2, it will take 6 minutes for it to gain another stock.

Keep in mind important areas change depending on how your game plays out. How far in to the game is it? Which towers are down? The range vision might not mean much to newbies, so I can also phrase it like this: most heroes have range vision during daytime. Whatever the ward will see is slightly less than whatever your hero will see from that same spot.

And yes, that means wards also can't look through trees or uphill. The support hero should be getting the wards, but someone better get it if they're not. It can help you gank or prevent ganks, decide when to push and back out safely, and gain overall map control. I will cover each spot in the order listed in the legend. In each section, they will be covered in top-to-bottom order on the minimap, and left-to-right if they are relatively the same height. The only section that will disobey this rule is the push wards section.

Each spot will have two screenshots accompanying it, with the 1st screenshot having a red circle to highlight the ward position. Good vision of the river and rune, as well as medium Dire neutral camp. This can be a powerful position for both teams, but more so for the Dire if they want to protect their jungler. It could be used aggressively by Radiant to gank the jungler, but it only shows one camp. Its main use for both team though, is during the early game to detect runes and protect top lane from ganks because of the river vision and jungle entrance vision.

Note the positioning. You need to place it in the upper left corner to get better vision of the neutral camp. Gives a ton of river vision and rune, but most of the river vision it gives is rather useless. A potent position for Radiant. Not only does it protect Radiant mid solo from ganks from top, it also gives vision of the rune and uphill the lane on the Dire's side. The latter can be useful for harassing and gaining an edge in last hits.

Just looking and warding

Same as 3except it's more for Dire to use. Favored over 5 in the early game more on this next. Gives far more vision than 4the Ancient camp on Radiant side as well as rune, but it is not useful until mid game. That's because no one farms the Ancient camp during the laning phase. Once the Radiant is starting to stack and farm this creep, the Dire should look at warding this spot to gank him and steal their stack. Good vision of Radiant's jungle entrance to protect jungler but there are safer alternatives for Radiant. This spot is more popular for Dire as it protects the mid solo from any ganks from bottom lane or the Radiant Jungle.

Radiant often ganks by going along this ramp and hiding behind the forest beside Dire's mid tier 1 tower. If you place it right on the ramp, it makes it much more vulnerable to counterwarding as there is a useful spot in the river here that can detect 3 popular ward spots: 7810, and there are four, if you include this 6 that's done improperly. Dire's side equivalent of 1. Gives vision of medium camp, as well as rune and entrance to jungle. This has the advantage over 1 for also having the vision of Roshan entrance, and hence, will be counterwarded often.

Unlike 1the Dire can use this ward aggressively against Radiant jungler because the distance from the lane this camp is not that far. If you place it too high, the trees will block vision of the neutral camp or to the right of it.

Just looking and warding

Alternative to 7 for protecting Radiant's jungler. It gives better vision of the jungle entrance, slightly better vision of Roshan entrance, but doesn't show the medium camp, so Dire will probably favor 7 over this. Note that because 7 and 8 are both very popular and very close to each other, this spot is counterwarded often. Another alternative to 8and best for protecting Radiant's Jungler.

Just looking and warding

It is the ultimate turtle ward, since it also gives vision towards the left where the path to the small neutral camp is. It also won't be counterwarded as often because it's far away enough from 7 and 8. For Dire, its disadvantage is less river vision. For Radiant, it's no Roshan vision, because Dire will liekly come down from the other ramp. Tip: When in doubt where to plant it, nail the turtle! No really, there's a turtle there. Maybe it's Valve's idea of a metaphor. Another alternative to 7 for the Dire. This blocks the medium camp next to it, so it can hinder the Radiant jungler and double creep pulls.

It also still gives enough vision of the river to protect your bot lane. Easily counterwarded as it's obvious when creeps aren't spawning. Finally, a Radiant jungling Enigma often uses this camp to double the count of his minions.

Blocking this makes ganking bot lane with 6 minions almost impossible for Enigma. Same purpose as 10but also might let you catch a glimpse of Radiant jungler coming to gank bottom lane. No vision of Roshan however, and thus is slightly more defensive than Same purpose as 11 in that it still gives vision of bot rune and gank from jungle. However, it blocks the strong camp, and since it is far away from 7much less prone to counterwarding. Prefererable if Radiant has a jungling Enchantress or Chen, because they love the large camps.

Blocking this spot will make it impossible for Enchantress to get double large creeps for pushing. Note: Even slightly more to the right, and this will not block the camp. Even slightly more to the left and it won't have as much vision towards the south. I use the magic bush as a guide and place it directly north to it. An extremely powerful defensive ward, usually used by the Dire to protect the bottom solo. This will give vision of any sneaky set plays coming from behind the forest or through the river, as well as the bot rune.

Just looking and warding

If you need this ward, it likely means your bot solo is going against an aggressive trilane. In that case, warding 61 along with this can completely shut down their trilane. Trilanes fall behind on level and gold, and by cutting off both the creep pull and ganks, you've essentially crippled their entire early game. Note: A lot of people, including pros, place this one right up along the edge of the cliff. If you place it a bit further away like I did, it still gives vision of the rune, but also vision of the jungle towards the southwest and narrow vision to the south.

Aptly named, these two spots give full degrees of range vision of extremely important strategic locations. They are popular as they are potent, and you can expect them to be warded and counterwarded often. Gives vision of small and large camp as well as a huge area behind tier 2 tower.

It can be used as an alternative to 47 as well, as a less powerful pushing ward. Note: Place it towards the left of the white inia Valve put on there to gain direct vision of the small camp, not directly on the inia. Gives vision of large camp, and any plays being set from the Radiant while the Dire is pushing either the middle or bottom tier 2 tower. Note: This spot used to block the large camp in the original DotA if the ward was placed at the top right corner of this area.

However, this does not exist in DOTA 2, nor will you try this, because as soon as that large camp doesn't spawn, the Radiant will counterward it.

Just looking and warding

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