Leaving a narcissist alone

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Many people will tell you that a narcissist will never stop harassing you and this could be your experience too. In this Thriver TV episode I am going to share with you exactly what to do to get a narcissist completely and permanently out of your life. And if you are co-parenting or this person is a family member I will share how to get them to detach and stay away from you. Today is a very cool day. Maybe you are not at this stage of wanting a narcissist to leave you alone, but if you are, this episode is totally for you.

And, if you like this episode make sure you give it a thumbs up. The reason we need narcissists to leave us alone is because there is nothing to gain from trying to engage with a narcissist. The more you try to reason with a narcissist, make a deal with them, try to plead with them, or lecture and prescribed to them, in other words grant them any of your energy whatsoever, it just makes matters worse. The only way to regain your sanity, soul, and life and win against a narcissist is to withdraw all of your energy, and focus on your own healing.

There are surefire ways that you can get a narcissist to leave you alone, regardless of ties that you think may bind you for life to him or her, such as sharing children together. No Contact is not just essential to get a narcissist to leave you alone, No Contact is also vital to grant yourself the space to start healing from a narcissist. No Contact is easier said than done. Suffice it to say that when you master how to emotionally manage yourself successfully enough to keep No Contact with a narcissist, then he or she runs out of the fuel to keep abusing you with.

Narcissists need a payoff for their efforts and the prize is always narcissistic supply. If a narcissist knows that he or she affects you, then the narcissist believes that he or she is ificant, and that is the exact fuel that keeps the narcissistic cruel, malicious, attention-seeking, punishment cycles continuing. Please know this: there is no greater insult to a narcissist than when they are no longer gaining any attention, energy or reaction from you.

Even if you are checking up on the narcissist, without him or her knowing, there is a psychic phenomenon occurring whereby the narcissist is still receiving your emotional energy through the ethers. If you still feel emotionally hooked in, affected and traumatised by the narcissist — which is evident if you are still obsessing about him or her, then the narcissist is still getting energetic narcissistic supply from you.

This grants the narcissist the fuel that allows him or her to continue violating you. This is the next step up from true No Contact, and two also requires the self-dedication to step three. Anti fear means that you have purposefully eradicated every part of yourself that has been buying into the illusion that the narcissist has power over you and is, on their own, capable of annihilating you, making your life a living hell, or destroying everything that you thought your life could be.

When we go Quantum, and wake up out of the trance, we realise the truth — that the narcissist is a deep soul experience causing us to meet outside of ourselves the fears and insecurities that were all along buried in our subconscious interior. A startling thing happens when we stop trying to manage the fear by battling the narcissist which of course breaks rule one — No Contact, literally, emotionally and energetically and instead turn inwards to manage which really means eradicate the fear that we are feeling inside of ourselves.

This creates a massive shift in consciousness. Without our internal trauma, we see things clearly as they are, as the truth of the matter. We become wise; we know that the narcissist is in fact an insecure, powerless individual inciting and using our own fear against us. This is … that there is a benevolent, solid, all-loving force that is positioned to unfold what is right, true and wholesome when we understand how all of life works. If we are being self-partnered then all of Life follows. By releasing ourselves from our inner traumas and fears, we know how to show up, we stop dimming down, playing safe and handing our power away trying to appease narcissists so that they stop hurting us.

We are no longer scared of other people. We are willing to lose it all to get it all. We understand that living outside of our own personal integrity never ends up going well. And we know that when we align with personal integrity and be what we wish to receive from life that we produce our most powerful and complete. This integrity centred living is so authentic and powerful, the effect it has on a narcissist is as annihilating as shining a bright light onto a vampire. The narcissist as a false self can only operate in the shadows; they can only do what they do when they are using your fear, heartbreak, guilt, and insecurities against you.

When you emerge solid, confident, powerful and unemotionally expressing facts, without any of the trauma derailing you emotionally, that is when narcissists come undone. Here is the fact that you need to know: if a narcissist cannot have the upper hand emotionally and energetically against you, and can no longer emotionally derail you, then they have lost the fight.

Without you acting out of your dishevelment the narcissist becomes painfully aware of their own. This is when it is time for the narcissist to exit the scene, no matter the cost, and take their disordered self into another environment whereby they can extract narcissistic supply and ificance again.

Since working to help people become empowered against narcissists, I have been amazed and thrilled to see ly relentless narcissists, submit, capitulate and hand over whatever is necessary to get out of the lives of people who show up powerfully without fear. Absolutely this happens regularly in this community with property and custody settlements, with the people who work with NARP Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program.

This is the underpinning to all of it. The most powerful way to get a narcissist out of your life, and to completely leave you alone, is by detoxing him or her out of every vestige of your inner being. Can you imagine bumping into this person and you feel nothing at all and by the time you have crossed the road, your mind is thinking about all the things that you need to get done today?

I loaded up, released and replaced every single thing about those people that hurt me, or that I was obsessing about. Then nothing about them existed anymore. You may think that this is not possible until you start doing this work and discover just how possible it is.

Leaving a narcissist alone

You may think that if you are co-parentingor that you have a business with the narcissist or that if this is a narcissistic family member that you need to see at functions, that this is impossible. Yet, regardless of the situation, when you detox this person out of your inner being, you will discover how this person will dissolve out of your experience. The narcissist detaches, moves away, gets another job, is brought to justiceand stops harassing whilst co-parenting. You name it, it is possible. Life has unlimited ways to start matching your inner being.

So I hope that this Thriver TV episode has explained to you the three most powerful ways that you will get a narcissist to leave you alone. Less is more — less combating the narcissist and more doing the feeling and empowering work on yourself. Are you ready to be done with this and get a narcissist out of your life? If so, come with me on your incredible journey of self, by clicking this link. And, if you want more of my episodes please make sure that you subscribe to my YouTube channel so you will be notified as soon as each new one is released. The question keeps coming up for me….

Leaving a narcissist alone

How do you deal with the questions others have that refer to time sequences in those 16 years? First and foremost, one MUST detach from the narcissist. Focus on self, not what the narc thinks. Again thanks for all your support!! I did this recently and it feels so much better.

Leaving a narcissist alone

I still recall the places I have been and the activities I just have an empty space or seat in memories of where they were. So liberating. Dear Melanie, Thank you for this important post. I thought it was just me or that I was imagining it. And no one else would understand. They would think I was crazy. It is very real and it scares me. I am still trying to remain no contact, with the help of police etc but the psychic and energetic hold he has on me is something I cannot sever. Further, he was once involved in occult magic and I know he has done something in this way to effect me.

Thank you for your posts and the work you do. Hi this has come at the right moment again!!! My partner went out with his pal on Saturday night! Fell in the door at 7. I did well and then I asked and as per usual got stupid story, lies and end up being in more off a state as his stories me we make sense and never get the truth! Concentrating on me as I am not going to be dragged down with his lies and trying to confuse me! I am better than this and deserve better, the only thing holding me back is my nice house, being menapausal and worried to do anything just right now incase wrong thing to do!

Thanks Mel x. Magic only works if you believe it. Nobody can have control of you. Say to yourself: nobody owns me. Nobody controls me. I am a free woman. Surround yourself with truly good positive uplifting people as best you can.

God will release you! But for me, the problem is that my natural giving nature has left me and is deeply hidden as protection against others now. I cannot give to anyone after giving so much to my narc. It is sad for me that he destroyed this part of me that cannot give or trust. I have learned to give to myself but I am very alone in the world now out of paralysing fear.

Thank you Amy, that is very kind. I know that I am not alone, there is an epidemic of people who like us, have had these experiences. The feelings of fear to trust etc that you mention are so very familiar.

Leaving a narcissist alone

I also lost most of empathy, care, generosity for others, or switched off compassion and empathy for the narcissist in order to start healing the trauma bond, and so I stopped having empathy at all for others. We had it soooo much for others. I had to learn how to have it for myself. But now after much healing, it is coming back! Empathy, trust. Just continue your healing journey, and everything will come back to right place, and you will be empowered. Serena, and I also felt completely alone, fearfull, isolated, paralysed by fear.

I was healing with NARP program, and cleared many stuff. But now, in a wise way, not unempowered and innocent, like child trusting everyone and thinking everyone is good. I became mature, adult woman, who sees through bullshits of people and is not gonna tolerate any of them. Dearest Melanie. I am 72 and have been in this mess for 50 years. I have come along ways since I started following you and your blessing for me. I am in the divorce mess right now and we are living in the same house. No other choice at this time.

Daily he tries something to upset me but I have been very good about not giving him any supply back. I can not wait for this euphoric feeling of the mention of his name and I can say David who? I pray for this daily. There is no not talking because there are things we need to split up and agree on. The lawyer says stay and pay the bills and take care of the house or there could be many more problems.

A new worry would be getting up in front of a judge and he asks why I want a divorce. That is keeping me awake at night. This is a huge sad feeling for me. I have read everything you have sent me and I will read it many many many times. I so want and will become a new better person from this. I have so many goals and work to do to get them in my head I can not wait to get out of here. We have 1 son and 2 grandchildren that I never see.

Leaving a narcissist alone

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How to Make a Narcissists Discard You and Leave You Alone