Movie theatre in melrose park illinois

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Bobby Sison. Island Boi Awesome place! Food is on point And again everything at an affordable price. If 3D a bit more, but just couple dollars more. I dont what this one person here who gave a review is talking about. Hes saying sticky floors and mold on popcorn smh lol he must be hating or upset for some other reason lol. Of course ppl drop pop here and there, but come on theres carpet mainly around the whole theater area hallways and steps.

Super super clean place! Dont pay attention to him. Awesome place and youll love it!! Well, my husband and I were there about a month ago. First time. We went during the matinee hours. The prices were fantastic. The service was very good. We got our snacks and took a seat. I have to say, approaching the theater, it looked enormous, and very pleasing to the eye. Anyway, the inside was clean. Seats were comfortable, and Im not a small person. And the people were very courteous, you know, with cell phones and all that. The sound was good, And when the lights went down the interior lights came on which outlined the stairs.

Have to say we will be going back on a regular basis. Dasha Patton. Didnt even get to see my movie. They close the doors at the last showtime. So if your movie is at doors will be closed at There were 3 couples all showed up to buy tickets and see the movie and they refused to sell tickets. The previews had just started.

I would not recommend this theatre at all. Some people do not like to see the previews, me being one of them. They lost 6 potential customers and hopefully a lot more after my review. If I could give negative stars I would. Jay Hawkinson. Man, the area around this Melrose Park theater is like a wasteland. Sure theres a Target and Best Buy but just not an appealing area. Fortunately this theater stands like a beacon of hope because it is pretty nice and up to the standards of other area Cinemark theaters.

If you can find cheaper at a multiplex Id like to know. Presentation and projection is good. I will definitely go back for more movies. Lotus I had a very bad experience due to their lack of organization I love how nothing is dirty, even the restrooms were clean. I asked an usher if there was a way to buy tickets inside instead of waiting in that long line.

He told me about the Kiosk.

Movie theatre in melrose park illinois

It was super easy and fast to use and I was able to get right in the show instead of waiting in the line. Service was fantastic! Since I was able to get in, stress free, I really enjoyed my show, a lot more than usual! Tempestt Fields. A Fight broke out in Barbershop 3 today and the staff took 10 minutes to respond to the comotion. This lady acted as though she was not the manager and it was not her job to address the situation.

These ppl do not care about the safety of their patrons. I will never be back. Samuel Lark. This theatre has the best admission prices for Adults and Children or the General public for both Matinee and regular cinema showings than any threatre in the Chicagoland area and its suburbs. You truly cant beat the pricing anywhere! Selena Ward. I went a couple time this year and I can say I definitely enjoyed myself the floors were not STICKY a very big plus for me I dont know if some of the negative peoples have been back sense the last time they were there it has restaurant there now and it serves real food, have an ice cream shooooooooop with good ice cream choice not just show food yeah this place got it right : :.

A Private User. Pros: Lots of free parking. Ticket prices are the same or cheaper than competitors in the area. Stadium seating and fairly large screens.

Movie theatre in melrose park illinois

Theatres are usually clean. Cons: Not as upscale as say, CC Lake. They dont play the limited run films Staff could be a bit more energetic Overall, Cinemark is a good value and the wife and I will continue to be regulars. Wanda Moton. I love the price mostly. In the summer they have a day for the kids every week to watch a certain movie. Plenty of free parking. The concessions are just as expensive as other theatres, but the popcorn is delicious and large sizes get refilled.

The bathrooms are always clean and neat when Ive been there.

Movie theatre in melrose park illinois

My favorite theatre in the area. Catch the matinee and a good date I make. Always clean. I have never experienced an unruly audience. Clean, friendly and a very polite young staff. Would like to see some older folks T. But if it aint broke, no need to fix I guess. Keep up the good job. Luke Thornton. You go to the movies for overall selection of movies and convenient showtimes, Cinemark Mel Rose Park meets the criteria.

You keep returning because of the value and friendly well trained staff, clean theater seating and restrooms. A big plus is they hire a lot of local people in various positions, which is a big plus in my opinion! Razgriz - Joshy. Cheap place but its very disgusting. Tables are nasty and the floors are unclean as well as the seats in the theater and floors are sticky.

The arcade machines all rip you off and most dont even work. When it steal your money ypu cant get a refund and they dont put out of service s. Terrible place to watch a movie. Elizabeth Zaragoza. We take my boys there all the time. I have yet to see horrible customer service or dirty; yeah floors are a but sticky but thats okay.

I usually get nachos and my children get that popcorn icee and snack and they are okay with it. Did I mention they have a Starbucks there!!!! Oh and we go their almost every weekend.

Movie theatre in melrose park illinois

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