Need strong woman

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At Explorer Chick, our mission is to empower women through adventure travel. The women who our trips are mentally strong AF. All of them. Some know it, some are just realizing it, and some are still on their journey of discovering. But all of them, in one way or another, possess the 11 traits of mentally strong women. We see it in their faces when faced with a challenge. We hear it in their voices when encouraging a fellow Explorer Chick. What sets the hetrong, get stuff done, living a happy life woman apart?

Need strong woman

What makes her tick? The answers are from women with different backgrounds, ages, careers, locations, families.

Need strong woman

Authors, professional athletes, firefighters, moms, daughters, sisters, aunts and more. Ready to be inspired? We thought so. A strong woman faces challenges, stands up for herself and refuses to stay silent in the face of abuse of power. Give fears the middle finger. Recognize your journey and stay the course. Identify what it will take to reach your goals, and what is keeping you from reaching them.

Know when you need to push yourself, but also know when to walk away. A combination of passion, self-respect, tact and timing—along with a healthy dose of courage—is the secret sauce. Risk-taking, trust, and serendipity are key ingredients of joy. Without risk, nothing new ever happens. Without trust, fear creeps in. Without serendipity, there are no surprises. Of course not. She is willing to be flexible and seek more information in order to better her life and sharpen her mind. Ask the tough questions, be an eager learner, pick yourself up when you fall, and keep taking care of business.

I think we like a good challenge. We recognize that most people are capable of more than they think and we like to test that; push ourselves to work harder and set bigger goals. So why stop now? Keep trying anyway. Learn to love yourself, no matter what. Own your mistakes, learn from them, and move on FFS. Everyone suffers from self-doubt, but strong women recognize their negative thoughts prevent them from being their best, most badass self. In her article for CNBC. Plus, positive mental health is catching. When you give out happy, kind, wise and strong vibes, others feel it.

Instead, they lead by example. And their energy in creating the strongest version of themselves often inspires others to follow their lead. Strong women build other women up and rejoice in their successes, as opposed to seeing others as a threat. Or the boardroom. Yeah, yeah. We get it. But strong women know there is a time and place for vulnerability and emotion. Now, hold up. Feel those feelings, and allow others to feel theirs, too. Putting yourself out there takes an incredible amount of strength and courage! Turns out that little voice of yours is one smart cookie. They only follow their own gut, because no one knows better than them what they truly want and need in life.

They know true happiness comes from positive mental strength, not who has the most toys or plastic surgery. Remember happiness is a choice, and a state of well-being that takes constant practice. Read up on it, listen about it, heck— take a class and learn the science behind it! Figure out your happy and go create it for yourself! A strong woman knows what makes her happy.

She takes that happiness and deeply buries the roots to protect it from ill weather, heavy rain, and strong winds metaphorically speaking. She shares her happiness with everyone, but is quick to protect it from those who chose to do it wrong or try to uproot it. She makes decisions that cultivate the life that makes her happy with courage, dedication, and perseverance. She leans in. Oh, and of course she puts positive energy into the Universe, asking nothing in return. What gives, extra X chromosome? Enough already.

Strong women trust their abilities and are proud of their wins. Rejoice in your own and share them! Your ambition is not a threat, and making yourself small is not the healthy way to make someone else feel big. We are striving—not for perfection—but to be the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be. Believing in ourselves and our dreams when no one else does. Pushing ourselves to the limit and once we get there—pushing even harder beyond them.

Ah, the cringey moments on which life sometimes seems to be built. But what sets mentally strong women apart is their ability to bounce back from the icky moments. Nothing sticks to you. All people live by their own beliefs and worldview. Therefore, do not take anything personally. It has helped me SO much with all of my relationships and has shown me the freedom I have to create the life I want to live. Not the ones society has set for them anyway.

Need strong woman

That means owning who you are and doing whatever it takes to be your very best. Wanna change careers at 35?

Need strong woman

Do it. Reinvent yourself at 60? Go for it. Make the most of it! The back-tracking and wrong turns—the mistakes—are part of it. Follow your heart; it knows the way to your True North. You can be status quo and make it through life, or you can stand out and make something from your life. Whenever I get knocked down or feel like falling apart, I put that energy towards volunteering instead. I worked towards a goal of becoming the first female firefighter on two local departments, and I did it despite all the doubt and negativity thrown at me.

Being that strong, independent, badass woman means ignoring the haters, breaking down barriers, and going after your bliss no matter what obstacles come your way. Strong women never quit challenging themselves to be the best, most BAMF they can be. They kick bad habits to the curb—over and over again—no matter how many times it takes.

They believe in progress, not perfection. So believe in your inner strength. When things get tough they laugh louder and push harder. Eager to meet strong, like-minded women just like you? us on an adventure!

Need strong woman

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Need strong woman

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