Online dating asking for last name

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This is so weird, but I feel like I must be doing it awkwardly, because this is where I lose a lot of guys. Recent example: Went on four nice dates with a nice fella. Kissed on the first three, progressed to heavy making out on date four.

Online dating asking for last name

We were texting, sort of planning date five, and I said, "By the way, what's your last name? So I said, "Look, seriously, I am having a hard time considering being intimate with someone who's not telling me his last name. Clearly this isn't going to work out.

Good luck in everything. Am I coming across like I'm going to start stalking them or something? Or are ALL these guys married? I am so confused. If he won't give you a last name after 4 dates he's married and afraid you will find out once you Facebook find him. What do you think of the multiple women in this thread from today are saying that they won't even give out their first name?

Am I the only one that Googles the shit out of anyone and knows it before they tell me and then find it awkward to even ask because I already know but they can't know that I know? I don't even bother asking. I look them up to help me decide if I actually want to meet. Guy I'm seeing now did this and it was such a nice yet subtle reassurance right off the bat. One of those things I didn't even think was a turn on until I stumbled upon it. Another one in the same category was a few years ago a guy had a tampon to offer me when I needed it.

And it was a good tampon, even. He cited growing up with sisters, and I was weirdly turned on by it. Just little moments like that show a person's character more than grand gestures imo. I think saying something about safety suggests there is something unsafe about meeting you. I know that's counter intuitive but I would find some other way to give her my full name.

She should already feel safe from talking to you.

Online dating asking for last name

As soon as possible. I learned to do this after my best friend started dating a guy who quickly turned into a nut job to the point where she was able to put together enough documentation for a restraining order good for a year. The guy still s her, changes his Facebook profile and messages he, etc. Had we looked him up, we would have seen the multiple arrests for domestic battery and stalking he had before.

I always get it before meeting them. Sometimes I can figure it out on my own if they have their IG attached to their profile, but if I can't I just ask for it. I tell guys before meeting them that I give their first name, last name, phoneand where we are meeting to a friend in case they turn out to be a serial killer. Most guys find that kind of funny. I do it for safety but I also figure telling them I am giving their info to a friend also makes it less likely that they will do something to harm me.

This has saved me from walking into some possible scary situations. Ha, see thats funny because if someone demanded my last name before meeting, I wouldn't give it. What you do is play the "im embarrassed at my driver's photo its sooooooo bad". Then you scan the card for important information like name, residence, DOB last name, height and weight. Came to say this. Peek when they get ID'ed at the bar, or if they use a credit card to pay for something. I don't think I've ever exchanged it during dates but it usually spills out around Brown" your table is ready That's weird I've never run into a problem with a guy telling me his last name.

I normally would ask around date two or three out of curiosity. I haven't really asked lately unless I feel like things are going to progress to something outside of the initial stages. Last name should be table stakes before the first date. If he's not giving it to you, that's a huge red flag and should be a hard no.

Found the internet!

Online dating asking for last name

When and how do you ask for someone's last name? Sort by: best. Reply Share. Continue this thread. I find that quite stalkerish and creepy to do. What I'm saying is good on you. Dude sounds shady af. You did nothing wrong here. Do you offer yours up first?

Rookies What you do is play the "im embarrassed at my driver's photo its sooooooo bad" "can i see it?

Online dating asking for last name

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Online dating asking for last name

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The New Dating No-No: Asking for a Last Name