Pray to him

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Have you ever taken the time to pray for your loved ones? As a young, independent lady, do you ever think of praying for your boyfriend? Developing such a culture guarantees change in the long run and shows how much you love him. Whether we realize it or not, prayer is one of the most powerful gifts given to us freely. You should, therefore, be willing to put in the effort required to offer your petitions to God. With our concise examples below, you will learn some of the ways to pray for your boyfriend and ensure he lives the life he deserves.

I pray that your word equips and encourages him in all he does. Lord, I pray that all your promises manifest in his life and that success will always be his portion. I pray that you give him wisdom in operating his business and that he may have innumerable success. Because you have promised to be with us till the end of time. By your grace and mercy, you took my boyfriend through his education and even gave him a job. In the same manner, may you sustain him in his workplace and give him money-making ideas. You will always be glorified in our lives. Deep down in my heart, I believe you are the source of all promotion and success.

We acknowledge you as God over all situations. I know you answer prayers. Therefore, I ask that you step in and turn situations around for his good.

Pray to him

May favor and excellence follow him in his field of expertise and may all he does be blessed. Grant my loving boyfriend, success in his trading business. Enlarge his tents and draw loyal customers to him from all parts of the world. Make the labor of his hands fruitful. I request that you give him agility and excellence. May he never suffer nor miss the fruits of his labor. With total submission to your will, I hereby ask that you enable my boyfriend to experience a financial and material breakthrough in all his endeavors.

Provide everything he needs and grant him a successful career. Only you are exalted in our lives. I ask in humility this day, that you do much more for him. Make him a pillar of unrivaled success in his business. Lead him to the path of a higher calling, and may all glory go back to your holy name.

Turn stagnation into speedy overflow and change lack to plenty in everything he does. I trust you are faithful and able to make my boyfriend flourish in his job. Bless him beyond measure. I pray that he gains the strength needed to endure every situation that life brings him. Let him have the boldness to stand for what is true, what is noble, and what is just.

Thank you, heavenly Father, because you will do as you have promised. Stir up a force within him that sees him victorious in everything he does. You have seen the good deeds he has done, and I believe he deserves much better. I have faith in you and your power.

Pray to him

Thank you for all you have done for us and the greatness ahead. I pray for my boyfriend, knowing how he desires to have success in his job and business.

Pray to him

We believe that in you we live, move, and have our being. So, Lord, I call in your never-ending favor and grace to reign in everything he owns. Thank you for always hearing and answering our prayers. We acknowledge that you are the God of all possibilities. Today, I choose to believe that you are going to move greatly through my boyfriend. I trust you for his financial revival and the supply of peace in his life. Surround him with your goodness and connect him to the people who will fuel his purpose.

I pray this believing and trusting, Amen. You said in your Word that you are the one who teaches our hands to make war. On that basis, I ask that you strengthen my boyfriend in his time of weakness. Remind him that you are everything he needs to be strong in the face of despair. Today, I ask that you empower my boyfriend to tackle difficulties. Work in him and through him, for him to achieve unbelievable feats in his life.

I thank you for healing him, and I am persuaded that you will grant him the strength to fully recover. I present before you, my boyfriend who is going through difficult times. You know him better than I do, and I know you are well able to deliver him out of any situation. Help him, Lord, and only you shall be honored in our lives.

I earnestly request you today to infuse into my boyfriend, the strength to do your will. Use him mightily in your service and may he honor you in words and deeds. Steer him toward the right resources that will improve his strength and resilience for positive outcomes. Both for himself and your kingdom. In greatness and strength, you reign. You are the possessor of limitless grace.

By your mercy, empower my boyfriend as he is preparing to be enlisted in the army. Make him courageous and protect him from the claws of death as he discharges his duties. I know you will never leave him nor forsake him.

Pray to him

Lord, I know we have not done anything special to deserve your love, but you still guard and protect us. Always watch over him and place a hedge of protection around him. I know, by faith, that you will sustain us to the end of our days. As we progress in this journey of life, I commit my boyfriend in your presence. May you always guide him and protect him from the snare of the devourer.

Help us grow stronger in faith and our love life. In the end, may all the honor go back to you. I pray that you always watch over him as he sleeps and as he wakes up. More than anything, draw him closer to you and let him understand your power over his life.

Thank you for your blessings and for the many more that are underway. In these trying times, I dedicate my loving boyfriend in your presence. Give him godly wisdom and depth of insight to understand the times we are living in. In your ways, guide him and keep him away from danger.

You who knows and sees everything will sustain him till the end of his days.

Pray to him

Help us to always follow your command and to understand your will over our lives. I pray that you lead my boyfriend to find safety in you. Protect him in the face of trials and difficulties; may they never consume him.

Pray to him

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