Prostitutes in myanmar

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Wut Yee, who requested to change her name for this story, had quit school to handle household chores and look after her brother and she had no other source of income. Money was in short supply. He took me in his car to a house on the outskirts of town. I spent the whole day with him.

Prostitutes in myanmar

After two months, she quit over disagreements with colleagues and exploitation by the owner, and she decided to ply the trade alone on the streets, often following men more than twice her age into dingy hotel rooms. Myanmar Now found one underage sex worker after interviewing more than a dozen workers, but was told that it was not uncommon for teenage girls to end up in the trade. Aid workers warn the problem could worsen if authorities ignore it, especially as Burmese society opens up after half a century of isolation under military rule. They also say rehabilitation and support is more important than punitive measures.

Sid Naing, country director for Marie Stopes International Myanmar, which runs health education and support programs. Otherwise, their s could increase. The practice of buying underage girls for sex is fuelled in part by superstitious beliefs that sleeping with virgins has health benefits, such as long life and curing the human immunodeficiency virus HIVsaid Dr.

Sid Naing. Most underage girls arrive in big, commercial cities due to a combination of family difficulties and a lack of opportunities for well-paid jobs in the countryside, said Thu Zar Win from the Sex Worker in Myanmar Network. Some 0. Poh Poh, a year-old sex worker who requested not to use her real name, says most girls who became sex workers via the virgin market face difficulties leaving the industry.

Many tend to work in brothels disguised as beauty salons or massage parlors, as they provide better protection than roaming the streets, she said. Arresting and punishing sex workers would not eliminate prostitution, said Dr. Sid Naing from Marie Stopes. Under the law it is illegal to solicit prostitution, force or entice a woman into sex work, and operate or work in a brothel.

Sandar Min, a National League for Democracy NLD lawmaker, submitted a proposal in parliament calling for decriminalization of sex work inbut it was rejected. Taw Win Khayay, a network of sex workers, is calling for an analysis and rewriting of the law. Local media reported in July that a parliamentary committee proposed amendments to the law that would make procurement of sex punishable with a prison term of up to one year with hard labor, and a fine. Of the 1, prostitution-related crimes invery few relate to cases of sex workers under the age of 18, she said.

Aid workers say underage sex work is not only morally reprehensible but also physically harmful. Underdeveloped sexual organs are easier to bruise and injure and are vulnerable to sexually-transmitted diseases, said Dr.

Underage sex workers also tend to have poor knowledge of sex and how to protect themselves, he added, putting them at considerable risk in a country with a high HIV prevalence rate. Government figures cited in the study state that 23 percent of recorded HIV-infections in Rangoon and Mandalay occurred among sex workers.

Young men are also unaware of such issues. They need to be conscious of other sexually-transmitted diseases that could spread, not only HIV. Wut Yee had never encountered sex education.

Prostitutes in myanmar

Without a high school degree, job opportunities for Wut Yee were scarce. But she decided to quit prostitution for a less-paid but safer job of a salesgirl at one of the hundreds of mobile phone shops in Rangoon. She is still struggling to explain to buyers the different phone models, brands and prices.

Prostitutes in myanmar

She is two months into the new job and finding it difficult to grasp the technical terms and specifications. Yet she says she is determined to make it work. Her mother, now a street vendor and receiving healthcare through an aid agency, is against the idea, Wut Yee said.

They now try and make do with their meager income while her younger brother continues his schooling. Wut Yee hopes one day to find a husband who she could be honest with about her past. For now, aware of the deep discrimination toward sex workers in a deeply conservative society, she is not taking any chances.

None of her co-workers know of her past. First came the sound of explosions from artillery shells landing nearby. Then, Nuu Hta, a year-old retired nurse, heard gunshots just outside her house in Thantlang, a small town in the north of Chin State. She later discovered that what she had heard was junta soldiers shooting a local pastor to death as he arrived to put out the fires started by the shelling.

Prostitutes in myanmar

Cum Biak Hum, 31, was found an hour after the shooting with two bullet wounds in his chest. The soldiers had also cut off one of his fingers to steal his wedding ring, a local Baptist group said, adding that they also stole his watch. A little over one month since Thantlang was shelled, the town is largely deserted, with the majority of its residents now spread across dozens of villages along the mountainous border with India, where they are struggling to survive. While she has been able to find shelter, she is struggling for other basic necessities and has been living off of a dwindling supply of chickpeas brought from home.

Local aid workers say the situation is becoming dire for an estimated 7, people displaced from Thantlang. They are appealing for donations for food supplies and to offer emergency medical care. Salai Lian, an officer from the Thantlang Placement Affairs Committee TPACsaid Chin people living abroad have given money towards relief efforts and local social services groups are also providing support. Another 4, people from other areas of Thantlang Township have fled clashes and taken shelter across the border in the Indian state of Mizoram, he added.

Clashes began in Thantlang early last month.

Prostitutes in myanmar

On September 9 two junta soldiers were killed and four civilians were injured when the local branch of the Chinland Defence Force CDF ambushed junta forces. Salai Lian said more than displaced people staying in the Vailam mountain range in Thantlang Township have contracted Covid Those infected are unable to quarantine and are still staying together with their families, he added. A team of doctors taking part in the Civil Disobedience Movement is helping the infected people but are in need of medication.

No one has died but some are showing severe symptoms with worryingly low blood oxygen levels, Salai Lian added. As of late September, there were only around 30 civilians left in the town of Thantlang. A of others have made trips back to pick up supplies, but they do so at the risk of being killed by occupying junta soldiers.

On September 30, two were killed and two others injured when soldiers shot up a vehicle full of Thantlang residents as they returned from a meeting about helping people displaced from the town. A week later, soldiers shot and injured a man who was returning to the town on his motorcycle to bring food to his sister, who among those who stayed behind and has an intellectual disability. After this incident, on October 13, community and religious leaders went to meet with military officials to try to negotiate a way for residents to safely make trips back to Thantlang.

A of people travelling in around 40 vehicles were then able to return to collect supplies. Nuu Hta made the journey to collect blankets, kitchen utensils, and coats. But the military allowed the trips only while issuing an ominous warning. The situation in Northwestern Burma today has some echoes of the situation in Rakhine State in before the military offensive against the Rohingya — Burma Campaign UK.

While the junta has remained largely silent on the mounting of reported war crimes committed by its forces in Thantlang and the wider region, the case of the murdered pastor drew enough international attention to warrant a denial from its spokesperson. Zaw Min Tun said in a statement a few days after the killing that Cum Biak Hum was hit by a stray bullet.

Prostitutes in myanmar

Resistance fighters in Chin and the neighbouring regions expect the junta to launch massive offensives in the coming weeks, and human rights groups fear this will involve scorched earth attacks against civilians. Her group is urging the British government to convene a meeting on the situation at the UN Security Council. Thousands of troops have been deployed to upper Myanmar since the start of this month.

I keep praying to God for this to end — a displaced Thantlang local.

Prostitutes in myanmar

Resistance fighters have sought to hold off the advance by targeting the convoys with guerilla-style ambushes. Last week they said they destroyed half of the vehicles in a convoy that was heading for the state capital Hakha. With all s pointing to a severe escalation in violence, Nuu Hta wonders how she is going to survive. The food she brought from home is running out, and her neighbours in the village hosting her can only give her so much. Myanmar Now is an independent news service providing free, accurate and unbiased news to the people of Myanmar in Burmese and English.

Multiple business entities could be implicated in an investigation into the financial ties between the two countries, JFM spokesperson Yadanar Maung said in a statement. Min Min Soe did not have any known health conditions. The family retrieved the body on Monday and cremated him at the Yay Way cemetery the following day. Soe Paing said there were no s of abuse or torture on his body. A second ATR was used for the flight instead, but had to turn back to Yangon after the autopilot system failed.

Prostitutes in myanmar

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