Seekin dominant female

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Seekin dominant female

Start typing a country, state or city then pick one of the suggestions. Amsterdam, North Holland. Switch bratty looking for her domme. Based in the Netherlands. I'm looking for a domme to play and be played with. I would love to chat and perhaps find a dom lady that would train me.

Redneck Kitty. My Littlespace is and I have a middle space that is around I am looking for a mommy or a gentle domme to love and nurture me. I am asexual but I like some bondage. I also love impact play and breath play. I have a Daddy but he won't be involved past maybe helping me vet. I am chronically ill and use a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy.

I am friendly and live in Ohio. I am looking for a mommy who will visit me I don't like strictly online. I love to text and video chat. I am needy and can be clingy and kinda high maintenance but I try my best not to be. I LOVE unicorns!!!

I am really bad at writing things like this but will answer any questions you might have. Get to know me. I don't bite, hard. I'm currently looking for a Mistress that I can call my own. I prefer a soft Domme, though I can work with someone firmer given the right circumstances.

I'm still fairly new to the community, but I'm passionate about service and would like to find a person that will task me. Don't let my profile picture fool you, I'm not just here for sex, I'm searching for a genuine connection. If that sounds okay to you, shoot me a message, I'd love to hear from you! New York, New York. I am looking for a Dominant Female for a submissive. I would like to find someone who will train me and also would be okay with starting out online. I am new to serving someone but an ready and willing to learn. New to the comunity, but looking for a domme.

I'm down for pretty much anything, and loved to be tied up and humilated. Just love the role-play between two women. I do have a daddy dom who wants a closed triad with a mommy too. I love reading, writing, watching tv, cuddles, and being little. I am definitely a more sensitive person since loud noises and more aggressive people freak me out I've never been in a relationship, much less one in the lifestyle but I'm eager to learn.

My shyness might be a bit of a hurdle at first so I ask for someone who's patient and willing to teach me. This relationship will be purely online and done through chat. I'm a writer at heart so it's easier for me to speak through writing than it is with my voice or on camera.

Though the option for that is open depending on how close we get. I'm a loyal person, soft-spoken and gentle. I'll be a good listener and an obedient sub. I'd say things about me now, but just view my profile and message me to learn more. Hope I'll hear from you!

Looking for Doms, Domme couples or single, married and looking to be used for your joys and pleasures. Must involve my war torn husband as I am trained and used. Uk female seeks Uk Dominant Female. I am a submissive sane educated female who would like to meet a sane educated dominant female. We can meet for a chat and see where we go from there. I'm not amazingly interested in "playing", I'm more interested in a normal monogamous relationship but I'm a gay female so please I like to think I'm not up myself and I can be obedient and pleasing.

I'm not a taker or someone who leans on someone else. I hope I can make you smile and laugh. Ask me if you'd like to know more. Jerusalem, Jerusalem District. I am attempting to figure out if I am full bisexual or just bicurious. I am a virgin and was raised pretty religious.

I would ideally like someone to guide me, train me, tell me what to do. Am I your sub? Hallandale Beach, Florida. Hi looking for a Dom who guy can spend part of my day with I am in a relationship but he is okay with this as long as he is working.

New and looking for someone to help explore. New to the real life experience and community, but definitely not new to the ideas. Looking for someone in the area or who can come to introduce me to the plays, in somewhat regular meetups and relationship. Privately have their own toys etc. Msg me to chat up. Hi, my name is Morgan. Preferably in person, but if willing to relocate it could work as well. Oliver amateur. Cape Town, Western Cape. I'm a transwoman pre-op looking for a dominant or switch to call my own. We can keep it casual or take it further if it works out. I'm looking to be punished and to please.

I want to have a good owner and I want to be a good girl, and taught how to be one when I'm not. United States. Sub female looking for dom female. I have many kinks and fantasies I especially love roleplay, bondage, and degrading. I tend to be very submissive and obedient to the point I have a hard time saying no. I will only address you as you wish out of respect. Feel free to check out my profile. I also took a bdsm test so I have my on my profile as well. Look forward to hearing from you if you are interested!

Boston, Massachusetts. Submissive women looking for a dominant women. Looking for a LTR with a very dominant and strict women. Seeking Domme: either purely sexual or also romantic. I'm a 23 yr old lesbian. Look at my profile to see if my interests match yours. I've never had a domme before but am very willing and ready to be trained if that's what you desire. Wanting to be your little princess. Hi I'm having a huge fantasy of being someone's baby girl, being treated like a princess.

I would love you to pick my outfits and have you dress me however you like. Sexy lingerie, heels, cute pajamas, make up, nail polish. I miss having someone to look pretty for and I'm looking for someone that would enjoy using my tiny little body as their canvas : This would be online only and as I work from home we can go really crazy there, from the tiniest lingerie to anything you would want to dress me in.

Seekin dominant female

New Jersey. Chubby submissive lesbian looking for strict dominant woman. New to the bdsm scene, but I've been experimenting with self bondage for years. It's been generally unsatisfactory without a woman to actually control me and tug on my leash. Open to an online relationship, and in person New Jersey only for in person I'm more than open to a polyamorous relationship and open to basically anything except piss, scat, and age play. South Africa. Transgender women still pre op sadly desperately needs a Mistress. No owner no direction.

Seekin dominant female

I'll be yours. Little slave needs home.

Seekin dominant female

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