Seeking younger to dominate and feminize me

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In Register. Online now. Region - Worldwide. Region Worldwide. Start typing a country, state or city then pick one of the suggestions. Mistress, 33, Portugal looking for a sweet, dedicated and attractive straight male sub. I like rock and metal, books, videogames podcasts, I am a progressive, I'm vegan and love to dance to old music.

I am looking for something meaningful. For the right person I am willing to relocate. If you believe we are similar yet you are on the total opposite of me when it comes to BDSM and you like to be bossed around in and out of the bedroom, I invite you to read my profile. Could You Be The One? That position has been filled by submissive and beta half of the last 7 years. My ideal slave-boy, is under 35, kind, responsible, self sufficient, and someone who holds the same values and beliefs as I do.

A true domestic slave in his hearts of hearts who gets happiness and satisfaction from the happiness and well being and success of his owner. Who cares and puts effort and heart into everything he does. No sissies or active military men please. I believe in great subtly and great power in public. A slave and an owner should know each other inside out to better serve and better guide. If interested please message me. Serious inquiries only. Locals and relocate-able serious applicants and inquiries only. Washington, District of Columbia. Looking for someone to play with online.

Hi, I'm looking for a subby male that I can play with online. I love edging, chastity and making guys beg to come. If you're interested, send me a message and we can chat to see if we're compatible. United Kingdom. Looking for a lifestyle control arrangement, love to have a man who is aroused by feet. My domination style is to control daily life tasks and give punishments when disobeyed. I will reward you for doing well too. Check my profile for more info. Austin, Texas.

Seeking younger to dominate and feminize me

I am seeking a local submissive male. Someone who adores me and will serve me to my liking.

Seeking younger to dominate and feminize me

Local is the key word. Round Rock area. Seeking male to explore arousal.

Seeking younger to dominate and feminize me

I am intrigued by the physiological and emotional effects of extreme arousal and orgasm denial on the male. I am seeking an unattached male for an in depth, immersive experience of exploring the boundaries of arousal. Exploration will include submitting to prolonged daily sessions of cock teasing while secured in bondage.

I am very skilled at discovering and exploiting arousal triggers in men and am also an expert in orgasm control and denial. Sessions may last from 2 to 7 hours. While not in session, you will be locked in a custom fitted chastity device that I will provide. My preferences: - Must be heterosexual male. Younger men preferred. New Zealand. Hello all looking for that special sub who enjoys being owned with trust communication and lots of play message me if you ready.

Seattle Domme seeking Local Submissive Man. Before I even meet someone who is local to Seattle, I get asked what I will do with them. I am a literal-minded person and I honestly don't know: each person, and each dynamic is different. Do you have a chastity device? I'd love to talk to you about that, while you're wearing it. How do you feel about being touched on the first meeting, in public? On which parts of you, and how firmly? Do you mind being called 'boy'?

Being called 'cute'? Most importantly, what if I do it anyway?

Seeking younger to dominate and feminize me

I would love to talk to a local man who is available for a relationship and willing to wear a secured chastity device. Have you been naughty? I am a 31yo female switch who is currently in need of a male submissive. Some of my interests include: anal play, bondage, pegging, forced chastity, orgasm control, light degradation, cross dressing, face sitting and impact play.

Open to all ages and body types. Prefer someone local but open to distance for the right submissive. Message me No doms please, I am happily owned. If you are a sub who thinks his Domme should be able to use him for sexual pleasure of the intercourse kindand are strong enough to have your orgasms or the lack thereof! If interested, read my whole profile and check the instructions in the final pic.

Look forward to forging into total weirdness with you soon!

Seeking younger to dominate and feminize me

Hello there. I am a fun loving sadistic Goddess. Looking for someone who wants all the pain I have to give. Looking for a submissive near the Metro Detroit Area. I am currently accepting applications for a new submissive.

Be sure to read my profile in its entirety before sending me a message. Low effort messages will be promptly ignored, seek to impress me, and if your efforts are clear I will always minimally provide a response. I am an experienced Femdom, I am what your wish for in your wildest dreams.

You need to prove to me that you are willing to put in the effort required to be worthy of my time. For all you pretty boys sending me pictures thinking that's going to cut it, I am married and I am not looking for a lover, I don't give a rat's ass what you look like, I want a dedicated submissive. S I should not have to remind anyone of this, but since so many fail at this in their opener my honorific is Mistress, address me as such. United States. Looking for a special someone. I'm a Dominant BBW, and being on top is my thing! Having said that, the level and type of BDSM we explore together has a little wiggle room.

I'm not someone who has the desire to just beat the hell out of someone. I want a genuine emotional connection, leading to marriage. That can all be negotiated as we get to know one another, but I'll definitely be in charge once we figure those things out. You will wear a cock cage and a butt plug, probably a remotely activated vibrating butt plug, but no one will be aware of how you're being controlled. If you do something while we're out and about that i don't like, you'll pay when we get home.

You'll drive, open doors for me, and generally look like the perfect gentleman, but you'll know that I'm the one with the power! I currently live on the California Central Coast, but I'll be moving in the next few months, so I'm open to someone who's distantly located. Drop me a line and let's start a conversation.

Seeking younger to dominate and feminize me

email: [email protected] - phone:(761) 320-9995 x 4521

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