Sexy chocolate black men

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Sexy chocolate black men

Dark Hard Chocolate is a collection of ten fictional short stories that deal with black men - from the Caribbean, Africa and Canada in Toronto. Each of these men is at a different place in dealing with their sexuality. Some men are gay, bisexual, confused or other. In the first story we meet Tony Clark, a nineteen year old Jamaican man who is kicked out of home. Another character we come across is Jovan whose boyfriend feels compelled to marry a woman. Andre from Montreal just wants to enjoy his first Pride in Toronto.

The last story is about the love story between Damien and Emmanuel. We met these characters in Kwame Stephens' sold out stage play "Man 2 Man". Their story in this anthology continues where the play ended. Kwame Stephens is a Toronto based writer. Prior to migrating to Canada over two decades ago he lived in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia. His work has been extensively published, produced and performed in North America and English speaking Africa.

Sexy chocolate black men

Learn more about Kwame Stephens at kwamestephens. You can reach Kwame via Facebook or on Linkedin. Follow him on twitter afropoet. Six sequels to the stories in "Dark Hard Chocolate" are now available for search on Amazon. You can also visit mordarkchocolate. He is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other artists. Make sure to visit Kwame Stephens' website kwamestephens. You can him directly at kwame kwamestephens. Specifically sex between black gay men. And even more specifically with the difficulties of turning that sex into love, commitment and acceptance, despite the barriers of family expectations, religious disapproval and some very constricting closets.

The collection begins with "Street," a bleak coming out story most notable for being charmingly grounded in Toronto landmarks. Oddly the mother's progression and suffering evoke the most empathy, but the young mens' sexual exploration and confusion is deftly, if starkly, sketched. The collection ends with "Dark Hard Chocolate" which continues the story of the protagonists Damien and Emmanuel of Stephens' most acclaimed work, the play Man2Man.

What does happen after a same-sex wedding? Unfortunately happy-ever-after is a great way to finish a play but a rather dramatically slight place to begin a story. Although the newly-weds have a lot of sex, there is not any conflict or tension to make their journey compelling. As it turns out there is, in "Looking for Pride," a lot wrong with Gilles' restrictions: the sexual encounter, and all of its romantic potential, goes tragically wrong. Stephens is dealing with some very volatile subject matter, that definitely needs to be discussed, in a very matter-of-fact manner.

More please. Stephens also excels at letting a detail carry the emotional weight that the characters can't express: Fritz, discovering that "making love is better than Grindr," is unable to continue a nsa hook-up while there is a wedding photo watching from the mantel. Man2Man was notable for being ground breaking, now that that is accomplished, Stephens feels free to expand and the result is the best story in the collection, "Memories Lane. Drew Rowsome, mygaytoronto. May New Release: Dark Hard Chocolate a collection of erotica by Kwame Stephens Toronto is the setting for this collection of short fiction erotica from Toronto-based, Ghanaian born author and playwright Kwame Stephens.

The stories look at the black gay experience in Canada seen through the lens of an immigrant, from the teen kicked out of the house to a veteran of the activist days reliving memories down Yonge Street. The erotica is graphic and covers a smorgasbord of gay sex from the first mind blowing encounters to a Rascal Black Vibrating Ass toy and everything in between. Kwame's writing is straightforward and readable, unencumbered by excessive description or flowery detail. What he has is a nice sense of observation about this specific slice of the gay experience in Toronto and its night life, from the first flowering of sexual identity to the loneliness of older single men.

HIV abuse, love, relationships and more are examined and as immigrants, many of the characters struggle with the dichotomy of a conservative homeland and values and the liberalism of their adopted homeland. The book gets its title from the last story in the 10 story collection. InKwame wrote and produced a stage play called "man 2 man". The tag line for the play was "Damien and Emmanuel's love story".

The play followed the challenges two black men faced in negotiating love. The story began with the characters meeting in a church and ended with them marrying. The play was staged to sold out audiences inand I wrote the last story "dark hard chocolate" starting where the play left off at the wedding until the characters returned from their honeymoon.

I decided to write 9 more stories to complete the collection. Dark hard chocolate fills that void. The cover models Travis Julius and Ade Johnson for the book are local men who read the collection and agreed to model for the cover. Anya Wassengberg - artandculturemaven. The Toronto based Playwright,author, poet, educator and organizer was born in Ghana and traveled extensivelyon the continent of Africa before migrating to Canada.

His latest project, Dark Hard Chocolate is a collection of short storiesabout black men in Toronto. The book gets its title from the last story in theten story collection. Stephens shares how the book came about. The storybegan with the characters meeting in a church, and ended with them gettingmarried. The play was staged to sold-out audiences in, and After that success, I began wondering what to do next. I wrote the last story'Dark Hard Chocolate' starting where the play left off at the wedding, pickingup when the characters returned from their honeymoon.

Idecided to write nine more stories to complete the collection. Dark Hard Chocolate fills that void. According to him, it all comes down to a compelling plot -- something he's aiming for with Dark Hard Chocolatehis collection of sexy short stories about ebony dudes getting it on. He's never found a shortage of black men in conventional spank-bank material, but what's always been missing, in his eyes, was a representation of the black-on-black experience in Toronto.

True to the city's diversity, Chocolate features men from Jamaica, Ghana, South Africa and Canada, each at a different phase in negotiating his sexuality. The title story picks up where Stephens's play Man 2 Man left off, reconnecting readers with Damien and Emmanuel: two guys who met and fell in love at church, now about to get hitched and head out on their honeymoon.

The stories, in keeping with Stephens's tenets on erotica, aren't pure wank material. His characters struggle with family, abuse, loss, health, history and cultural identity.

Sexy chocolate black men

With all those extra issues, is Dark Hard Chocolate pure intellectual stimulation or something you can genuinely get off to? If you know the book but cannot find it on AbeBooks, we can automatically search for it on your behalf as new inventory is added. If it is added to AbeBooks by one of our member booksellers, we will notify you! Items related to Dark Hard Chocolate: Hot sexy sensual stories about Stephens, Kwame. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Dark Hard Chocolate is a collection of ten fictional short stories that deal with black men - from the Caribbean, Africa and Canada in Toronto.

Sexy chocolate black men

About the Author : Kwame Stephens is a Toronto based writer. Create a Want. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Sexy chocolate black men

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