Sletning af profil på dating

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This was especially true about "Hard" when I was able to cheese my way there, I was torn up by the computer that built a massive army and annihilated my troops. Right now, as of this morning, the AI is not doing anything. There is hardly any fight at all.

Sletning af profil på dating

I send my troops in, meet with a minor resistance and topple their base like a house of cards. I am not bragging about my ability, I am wondering if there is a mysterious bug messing up my game cause I want challenge and I want to learn. I don't want to waste my time in 1v1 until I feel I mastered the macro and micro vs AI so You can report a bug on the SC2 bug reporting forums which is found here: Your goal though seems to be that you simply want to practice vs opponents at your level.

The actual 1v1 matchmaking system was built exactly for this. You may run into several games where opponents are to difficult or too easy, but that is just the system gauging your skill. After you play a handful of games it should place you vs similarly skilled players.

The top 50 players though might not be what you actually think. They changed the way match-making works, and it is no longer possible to select the difficulty of the AI you play against other than perhaps going out of your way to find people who are currently up against the difficulty you want. Even switching back to Wings of Liberty mode will not let you use the old match-making. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How can I play vs A. Oblivious Sage Oblivious Sage 4, 5 34 To create a representation of this that can be fed into a neural net and give meaningful something like at a given tick, score all possible actions and find the best one is going to be incredibly difficult. An order of magnitude more difficult than go, imo. It still uses a Monte-Carlo Tree Search to get to the level where it can beat human pro players.

Sletning af profil på dating

And yet StarCraft is extremely primitive as far as strategy games go. Most of the stuff you can do in the game simply doesn't matter, and the stuff that matters could be modeled at a much coarser level than what people see on the screen. Knowing how this stuff works, I'm willing to bet this is exactly how Deep Mind will approach the problem.

They will try many different sets of hand-engineered features and game representations, then not mention any of the failed efforts in their press releases and research papers. The choice of StarCraft as their next target reeks of a PR stunt. Sure, there might be no AIs that play at pro level now, but there wasn't any serious effort or incentive to build one either, and now Google will throw millions of dollars and a data-center worth of hardware at this problem. As far as I'm concerned, real AI research right now isn't about surpassing human performance at tasks where computers are already doing okay.

It's about achieving reasonable level of performance in domains where computers are doing extremely badly. But that won't get you a lot of coverage from the clueless tech press, I guess. What are their other options besides Starcraft2? Uh, real strategy games? Why do you not think StarCraft is a real strategy game?

I'm not sure this was true of the first AlphaGo, probably wasn't true of the Sedol AlphaGo, and definitely isn't true of Master. Shoop on Aug 10, Do you have an article about this? It uses MCTS, but that's not the same thing as the claim, now is it? This comment in insightful, thanks! I've been having trouble getting my AI level on 3v3 matchmaking to go up. I am a returning player to the game and I noticed that the VS AI is now will determan one of the 2 ai you and your friend will play against. The build-order space is not that big compared to Go's positions and once you got a good micro-management engine I'm affraid this will lead to something like: The preferred opening for Protoss in PvZ on most maps is the forge fast-expand.

If the Zerg player doesn't want to play an economic game in response, they have a variety of all-in strategies available. There is a lengthy article on Team Liquid about how Protoss should respond to these. What I'd note here is that: It's a rather long list. Good scouting is required for most of these situations. There are terrain-based considerations all over the place. There are considerations based on how many units were lost in earlier engagements all over the place. Enumerating all the build orders 1 is pretty easy as you said, build order space isn't that bigbut the interaction between terrain and building placement 3 is a lot more complex and starts to interact with the full game's massive search space more, and the followups are dynamic 2, 4 so I don't think the game will degenerate into a solved solution as long as it looks anything like regular play.

It's possible that there's some degenerate micro-based solution that turns everything on its head, of course. Bot-based vulture micro might rewrite part of the Terran matchups, but it doesn't seem insurmountable yet.

Sletning af profil på dating

It used to be good, though. Well, egg on my face then. What's the current choice? Adept openings are more popular nowadays. Actually I realize that my cyclist vs motorcycle analogy is better that I first thought: You might think that a race between the winner of the last Tour de France and an automated motorcycle is a good challenge because automated driving is hard especially with crowd running around on the road and temporary road s for the race circuit. But in fact it wouldn't be funny because all the motorcycle have to do is follow the cyclist during the whole race which is not really challenging in term of self driving AI and just sprint during the last couple dozen metters with no hope for the cyclist to win.

But you're not really doing a Man vs Machine challenge. That's only assuming they are competing at the same time. I only know about SC. Not really a player. What about AI's fighting each other on Starcraft 2? Will that be interesting? So would you say that there are two parts here, figuring out a general strategy for a new map and then maximizing execution?

Skill is often divided into 3 components: Macro refers to decisions regarding economy. It includes finances, build order, counters, etc. Macro is mostly strategic. Micro refers to decisions regarding battle. It includes troop positioning, focus fire, kiting, etc.

Sletning af profil på dating

Micro is mostly tactical. Mechanics refers to execution. If not, practice makes perfect.

Sletning af profil på dating

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