The hottest latina ever

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Who are the most gorgeous Latinas in Hollywood? This list includes some true Latin beauties, women whose exotic looks can stop traffic and captivate audiences worldwide.

The hottest latina ever

These famous women from Latin America, Europe, and the United States are all proud of their Latina heritage and paving the way for young, pretty girls all over the world and of various cultural backgrounds to follow in their footsteps. From Jennifer Lopez to Salma Hayek to Selena Gomez, many of these stunning female Latin celebrities included in the gallery below are more than just sexy or hot, they are also considered some of the most beautiful women of all time.

Beautiful women of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Brazilian and other descent exude charm, intelligence, talent, and natural sensuality. These attractive Latin ladies from film, TV, music and the modeling world are the best at what they do, and some are even triple threat talents recognized internationally.

Vote up for your favorite female Latin star, and check back to see if your favorite Hispanic beauties topped the list. Nationality: United States of America. Birthplace: Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. Nationality: United States of America, Mexico. Birthplace: Salvador, Brazil.

The hottest latina ever

Nationality: Brazil. Birthplace: Erechim, Brazil. Birthplace: Barranquilla, Colombia. Nationality: Colombia. Birthplace: Alcobendas, Spain. Nationality: Spain. Nationality: Colombia, United States of America. Birthplace: Havana, Cuba. Birthplace: Hermosillo, Mexico. Birthplace: Panama City, Panama. Nationality: United States of America,Panama. Birthplace: San Juan, Puerto Rico. Birthplace: Seville, Spain. Birthplace: General Acha, Argentina. Nationality: Argentina. Birthplace: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The hottest latina ever

Nationality: United States of America, Ecuador. The Best Songs Feat. Jessica Marie Alba ; born April 28, is an American actress and businesswoman. Salma Hayek. She began her career in Mexico starring in Adriana Lima. Birthplace: Salvador, Brazil Nationality: Brazil. She was their longest-running Alessandra Ambrosio.

Birthplace: Erechim, Brazil Nationality: Brazil. Ambrosio is known for her work with Victoria's Secret and Odette Annable. She is known for various roles in film and television, including her starring role as Dr. Jessica Adams in the Fox Birthplace: Barranquilla, Colombia Nationality: Colombia. Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll born 2 February is a Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, businesswoman, and philanthropist. Born and raised in Barranquilla, her first studio albums, Magia and Birthplace: Alcobendas, Spain Nationality: Spain.

ed by an agent at the age of 15, she made her acting debut at 16 on television, Vergara rose to prominence while co-hosting two television Daisy Fuentes. Daisy Fuentes born November 17, is a Cuban-American television host, comedian and model. Eva Mendes. Her acting career began in the late s, with a series of Selena Gomez. Selena Marie Gomez born July 22, is an American singer and actress.

Jordana Brewster. Jordana Brewster born April 26, is an American actress and model. She made her acting debut in an episode of All My Children in and next took on the recurring role as Nikki Munson in As Vanessa Marcil. On television, she is best known for her roles as Elena Delgado on Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lynn Lopez born July 24,nicknamed "J-Lo", is an American actress, singer, dancer, fashion deer, producer and businesswoman. InLopez began appearing as a Fly Girl dancer Paz Vega. Birthplace: Seville, Spain Nationality: Spain.

Eva Longoria. After a of guest roles on several television series, Longoria was Alexa Vega. The Genetic She is widely known by the nickname Pampita, a diminutive for La Pampa, the Dania Ramirez. Dania Jissel Ramirez born November 8, is a Dominican television and film actress.

Morena Baccarin. Christina Aguilera. Rosario Dawson. Rosario Isabel Dawson born May 9, is an American actress, producer, singer, comic book writer, and political activist. She made her feature film debut in the independent drama Kids. Christina Milian. Christine Flores born September 26,better known as Christina Milianis an American actress, singer and songwriter.

The hottest latina ever

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The hottest latina ever

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