Want to smoke 420 and ride cool latino here

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Willie Nelson is sitting on a couch at his home, a modest cabin that overlooks his acres of gorgeous Texas Hill Country, when he reaches into his sweatshirt and produces a small, square vaporizer, takes a hit and exhales slowly. Nelson nods and puts it away. This can be a problem. That keeps it going. So not a ton [of pot].

Want to smoke 420 and ride cool latino here

He has been jailed for weed, and made into a punchline for weed. But look at him now: Still playing shows a year, still writing songs, still curious about the world. Years before weed became legal, he spoke about the medical benefits and economic potential of weed if it were taxed and the profits were put toward education.

Had a friend of mine that said a bale fell on him and hurt him pretty bad, though. He picked the spot in the late Seventies, laying four rocks where he wanted the foundation built. A rainstorm last night tore up the property, and a crew has been working furiously to get things ready. None of this seems to bother Nelson, who just woke up. That organization kind of works that way. Sitting with Nelson, you get used to long silences. He also just finished an album, Ride Me Back Home. The first song is about the 60 horses on his property, which Nelson bought at auction and saved from slaughterhouses.

Nelson had showed me some of the horses when I visited five years ago. Wilhelmena the mule is gone. Uh, rattlesnake got her. Babe, you got any of that CBD coffee? The recipe took some perfecting — Nelson kept eating too many and getting too high, so she had to lower the dosages to five milligrams. She lent some to a friend, and big business came knocking. You have to have specific kitchens. You have to have specific s that take years to get. His famous stash, he says — the weed that he used to keep in a Hopalong Cassidy lunchbox on his bus — is a bunch of random kinds that have been given to him by fans or thrown onto the stage.

Plus, he could be a mean drunk. Drink a whiskey, want a cigarette. It saved my life, really. I think that weed kept me from wanting to kill people. And probably kept a lot of people from wanting to kill me, too — out there drunk, running around. Weed, he says, helps him delete and fast-forward. What do you mean, the short-term thing? They say people who smoke pot have a short-term memory. Right now? I can try to pretty much control everything. Oh, probably. But I forgot it. Nelson smoked his first t in Nelson thought it was a better idea to hold on to the t, pull over later that night on his drive home and smoke it.

But nothing happened. Cannabis was sometimes available at drugstores and dance halls before FDR essentially outlawed it in ; Harry Anslinger, the commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, testified that cannabis had spread from the Southwest U. Bush remembers a friend named Hank who worked as a cameraman in San Antonio. He turned Texas bandleader Doug Sahm on to pot and its sophisticated varieties in San Antonio in the late s.

Wenner said, an entirely new concept at the time. Other musicians were more discreet. On the road, pot was a tool to counteract other substances. Then you smoked a little, and then all of a sudden your appetite came back and you could sleep. It was a cycle. Nelson had his own cycle. Then there was the time his second wife, Shirley, got a hospital bill in the mail for the birth of his daughter, whom he had with his soon-to-be third wife, Connie. He grew his hair out and started playing shows that united hippies and conservative cowboys.

My hobby in high school became turning cowboys on to LSD, and they were so grateful. In the Seventies, he experimented with hallucinogens. I felt like I looked like a werewolf. I need to think. Nelson has been busted for pot several times, though none of the arrests led to serious jail time. He and songwriter Hank Cochran had a couple of days off tour, so they headed to the Bahamas. After two days, they decided to pick up their bags at the airport. He was thrown in jail.

Nelson gives a look and pauses for several seconds. Before the arrest, he had been invited by Jimmy Carter, for whom Nelson had performed during his campaign. Nelson was photographed arriving on the back lawn wearing tennis shoes and a bandanna. Then they went up to the roof and smoked a t. Nelson remembers Carter explaining the surrounding view — the Washington Monument, the string of lights on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Forty percent of all drug arrests are for pot, with blacks four times more likely to get busted than whites. Nelson is talking in his bunkhouse, a one-floor wood-paneled space across the driveway from the house. This is where Nelson comes to hang out at night by himself. A round poker table sits in the middle of the room. Nelson will sometimes stay here until five in the morning, drinking coffee, watching the news or a Western, coming up with songs.

Then he immediately stopped performing it. In with Waylon Jennings, who was not a fan of weed. I ask him what he thinks his legacy is. Nelson stares back intensely. I think. Nelson wrote a new song last night. Love is the one thing that runs through every living thing. Everybody loves something: The grass loves the water. The next day, Nelson teaches the song to his band in his Pedernales recording studio, an unmarked building on his golf course.

The space has a lot of history.

Want to smoke 420 and ride cool latino here

They had no idea he was going to cut nearly an entire gospel album in one sitting. But soon he warms up. Nelson in the studio is completely different from Nelson onstage, where he can sometimes coast. He asks what time it is: 9 p. Close to midnight, Nelson comes into the control room to hang with his son Lukas. Willie is sweaty, vibrant, and looks younger than this morning.

Want to smoke 420 and ride cool latino here

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Want to smoke 420 and ride cool latino here

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Want to smoke 420 and ride cool latino here

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