Women in riyadh

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For women like teenager Rahaf Mohammed, who was granted asylum in Canada after fleeing Saudi Arabia ininjustice was just a part of life in her native homeland. Here are five rules women and girls have to live by in Saudi Arabia:. Every Saudi woman must have a male guardian - usually her father, husband, brother or even son - whose responsibilities include accompanying her outside the home and making important decisions on her behalf.

Moreover, according to a report by Human Rights Watch, Saudi women may have to provide guardian consent before being allowed to work or to receive healthcare. Women also face difficulties when conducting routine business transactions such as renting an apartment or filing legal claims. Runaway Saudi teen Rahaf al-Qunun reaches her new home in Canada. Social workers, physicians, and lawyers have told Human Rights Watch about the near impossibility of removing male guardianship of women and children, even from abusive male guardians.

At times, the controlling male guardianship system also makes women difficult to file a criminal complaint. In other words, if the complaint is against the guardian, the likelihood of it being filed is almost nil. Furthermore, in some cases men use the authority of male guardianship to extort money from the dependent women. Women are not allowed to participate in any competitive sports in Saudi Arabia. According to a Human Rights Watch report, there is a common, deep-rooted belief that allowing women to play sports will lead to immorality.

Even though Saudi Arabia introduced state schooling for girls in the early s, the government never added physical education classes to the curriculum for girls. Saudi Arabia requires women to follow a strict public dress code that involves a loose black garment, called an abaya, and a hecarf. In Julyauthorities briefly detained a woman who went by Khulood after a Snapchat video showed her wearing a short skirt and crop top as she strolled through the Heritage Village of Ushayqir, miles north of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

After the video went viral, contrasting opinions blew up all over Twitter. While some demanded her arrest, others said she had the freedom to wear whatever she wanted and that it was should not be classified as a criminal act. Little Mix star on working with Nicki Minaj, female empowerment, cyberbullying, and inspiring the next generation. In SeptemberKing Salman decreed women be allowed to drive.

Women in riyadh

While the change wasn't actually implemented until Juneit was a huge step forward because before the change, Saudi Arabia was the only country left in the world where women could not drive. Reuters reported that the Saudi ambassador to the United States, Prince Khalid bin Salman, stated that women would be free to obtain a and to drive without her guardian's permission.

However, it remains unclear if other restrictions will apply. proposals to end the driving ban have included limitations such as only issuing driving s to women aged 30 and above, or allowing them to drive only during daylight hours. YP Discover Lifestyle Features.

Women in riyadh

Published: am, 12 May, Joanne Ma. Saudi Arabia operates under male guardianship laws Here are five 'rules' women and girls have to live by in the country Arabian Peninsula. Joanne Ma Published: am, 12 May, Joanne ed the Post in She majored in English Literature for her first degree and has a master's degree in Journalism. Latest Articles Lifestyle For teens. Your Voice Face Off. Competitions For teens.

Hong Kong. Letters to the Editors Instagram. Letters to the Editors Environment. Women were not granted the right to drive until Here are five rules women and girls have to live by in Saudi Arabia: Male guardianship system. Increased risks. Denial of rights to sports.

Women in riyadh

Strict dress code. Restrictions to driving. Subscribe to YP Weekly. All rights reserved.

Women in riyadh

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What life is like for women in Saudi Arabia