Women looking for a make out partner m

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We have lots of great conversations, we'd love you to us. How to find NSA not-sex? I was a sexual late bloomer and still have little experience, and have been looking to change that by finding some casual sex through craigslist. Thing is, unlike most people posting NSAI don't actually want full sex. The thought of full sex with a woman I barely know makes me uncomfortable, but not so the thought of just having some teenage-style make-out sessions first.

This was actually inspired by an AskMeFi thread, which I can no longer find, where an OP with similarly little experience was advised to start with encounters where it's agreed beforehand that "the pants stay on". I've posted some craigslist looking for "makeout buddies" though leaving out the "little experience" partbut have gotten no responses so far.

Two questions: a What should and shouldn't I put in the ad to maximize my chances of a response? To preempt two answers I foresee: "Get a girlfriend" -- I'm already doing the conventional dating thing via OKCupid, so I am working on that, but what I'm looking for here is specifically NSA and zero-commitment. I don't want to state the above on my OKCupid profile because there are people I know on OKC, and same goes for other dating sites: without a picture you get zero visitors, but if I post my picture with the above information I might get recognized by colleagues etc.

Also lots of women on OKC filter out men who are looking for "casual sex". Thanks in advance for any creative ideas. I wonder if there's a better place than Craigslist I just have a sense that it would be a tough place to find someone. That said, maybe make it sound like a one-time-only thing- "Let's go to the movies and make out. Another route: total honesty, like you've shown here, explaining that you're not experienced and just want a little practice kissing Make a totally separate OKC profile that explicitly states what you're looking for, i.

Maybe FetLife? You're conflating 'dating' with 'commitment' and that doesn't have to be the case at all. It is so totally common to put on OKCupid or wherever something along the lines of "I'm not looking for a commitment with anyone right now, though I'm open to it if the right person comes along. I'm more interested in meeting new people and trying out new activities with a fun and spontaneous girl" or whatever. There's zero commitment there, it's straightforward, and you'll probably get to make out with some of them and maybe sleep with them eventually too!

It's not creepy or suggestive and you wouldn't have to hide your identity. I have plenty of women friends who date casually [and that doesn't just mean having casual sex, it means having trust, having fun, and being physical when you want to, without commitment]. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised. Title it "Keep Your Pants On! I'm hesitant to actually write up something that would work because I think your best chance is some kind soul who has a why not moment, which could happen but isn't maybe advisable I seriously think you should save up, or better, work on your social skills, because making it clear you won't be trying to have sex right then will probably improve your chances with the type of person you are looking for, but a professional or someone with discrimination who is honest would be ideal because if you have no experience, you have no idea if you have a natural talent for it.

It's another thing people will avoid saying directly. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding someone s interested in NSA-making out on ok cupid. Just jump in and go for it. Be honest in your profile about what you're looking for. Also be funny. M if you want, I'd happily check out your profile and give you my impressions. Saying you want to make out could cover a broad range of activities. If you specify "teenage style", that's still very vague, while implying that you might have a fetish for ageplay or cheerleader outfits. Be more specific in what exactly you are looking for.

Women looking for a make out partner m

Open mouth kissing? Nude touching above the waist? If you use terms like "pants stay on", are you looking for touching below the waist on top of clothing? Hands going under clothing? Whose pants stay on, exactly? Yours, hers, both? Must she wear pants? Movies are a good choice, you might find people interested in kissing who would not be interested in going to a private location with a stranger. Get out of the mindset that you must hide your lack of experience.

I think it's quite charming. You have something unique to offer here -- put it out there, and give women the chance to find your offer intriguing, exciting, sexy, fun. Don't do this. It comes off as creepy. Most women don't find the idea of unknown strangers causing them great bodily harm to be funny at all. Your question looks to me like you view your lack of experience as a problem that's probably why you explicitly leave that detail out of your. You are thinking in terms of what you want, not what you have to offer.

That suggests you think you have nothing of value to offer. But some people like giving experience to someone less experienced. It isn't a defect. You have something to offer. You need to recognize that and negotiate from a position of strength rather than framing yourself as a "beggar. It is something you share together. Some randomish thoughts, with a purpose to try to help you reframe your issue and repackage your approach : I hooked up with a much younger guy once and only once for NSA not sex.

I met him via yahoo chat, not an ad. He mostly got lucky: I happened to be at a point in my divorce where such a thing was a good fit for my needs. My point: There are other people out there with compatible needs. You need to figure out how to find them, good situations in which to talk to them, and then offer them something they might want. An ad is not your only option. I found chat programs very helpful for talking one-on-one in a non-threatening way with someone. We all have limited experiences in some sense.

Example: My "sexual experience" is mostly limited to a long marriage. I got laid regularly, but only with one guy. Another example: For a time, I knew a Player. He was very sexually experienced but had not been in love before. His experiences were mostly casual sex. Deep intimacy was unknown territory for him. Yet, we each had something to offer the other. He helped me grow. I helped him grow. I never viewed myself as a charity case which is how you seem to see yourself.

I had something of value to offer him. He had something of value to offer me. You need to see yourself similarly: You have something to offer. You aren't just taking something. You are also giving something. I got married at age I began my divorce in my late thirties. So I was relatively "inexperienced" in my late thirties. Lots of men were interested in getting me caught up on everything I had missed out on.

They did not see that as a problem. In their eyes, it was an opportunity. Similarly, there will be women who do not view an inexperienced something negatively. There will be women who will see something desirable in you. Frankly, I used to routinely ask men why they found me hot. They all had different answers. One liked my hair and smile. Another adored my laugh. Older men thought I was a pretty young thing. Younger men thought of me as more experienced.

They each saw me differently. They all saw me as desirable. In short, you probably do not know what a specific woman would see as desirable in you or why she might be willing to negotiate a deal. But you aren't even giving them the chance. You need to find a way to make yourself accessible, whether by stating in your ad what you have to offer or reworking your OKCupid profile or something else.

So you are shy. Some women like that. So you are x age. Some women will like that too. Find a way to let them know and decide for themselves if you are of interest. Then you just need to find a means to make that deal.

The most important part of that process is being open to the uncomfortable grey zone where you do not yet know what she thinks. Don't say "no" for her. Don't assume you know in advance she would not want you. Women say "no" all the time. You don't need to do it for them.

Women looking for a make out partner m

You do not need to be pushy about it but you do need to work on tolerating ambiguity until she gives you a clear al one way or another. The hard part is just being open, without deciding one way or the other that this is a definite Go or a definite No Go. That is the stage that lots of people are uncomfortable with and cut short by erring on the side of "Nope!!!

Moving on!!! Relatedly, I think the single biggest mistake people like you, who are not getting enough action, make is eliminating too many people upfront by assuming "they won't want me" for some reason.

Women looking for a make out partner m

Doing that makes it nearly impossible to tell you otherwise. I have been on both sides of that fence. I really stepped in it a few times by assuming "he would not want me because I am too old" when, no, he absolutely did want me but now it was unsalvageable because I had been an ass about it. From the other side of that fence, I still carry emotional scars from a man who whined endlessly about being a desperate for a date loser to my face but did so in a way that made it impossible for me to say "I can totally help you with that problem!!!

Believe me, I tried -- for a long time. I had it pretty bad for the guy but just could not tell him because he basically would not let me. So don't say "no" for them. Let them decide that for themselves. And, yes, I have heard the argument that women have an unfair advantage. Having known a few men who operated similarly to me, I do not buy that.

Be accessible. Wonder what she might want.

Women looking for a make out partner m

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Sometimes a casual make out buddy is all you need