Yahoo open chat room

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Yahoo Messenger Seems as if Yahoo got inspired from Google decided to discontinue some features from its yahoo Messenger Product. This helps us spend more energy on creating experiences that make Yahoo! This will enable us to refocus our efforts on modernizing our core Yahoo! You should try it one day.

I will miss public chat rooms. Just not the chat service. Ahh comeoooon. Why are yahoo messing up their messenger?

Yahoo open chat room

I use yahoo messenger for ages and i have live messenger contacts…. We can chat only with friendlist contacts, or can chat with some whose yahoo id we know, we will not able to chat with strangers in this world, Very sad I agree sunil there is no alternative to this.

The simple fact is that this is like the Hostess scare. The funny thing is if I go to the rooms and all they are talking about is how the rooms are going to be disappearing, I might just stop going to them all together as to prevent any serious cough impact to my life sigh. Seriously Yahoo! Thanks for making it easier. I will miss, it was good sort of communication to talk peoples around the world.

Very Sad. It sucks the chat rooms are closing, but think about it. Yahoo has not been able to win the battle against the spammers and bots, who infiltrate all of their chat rooms and make it impossible for the common every day person to get in and chat publicly. Good riddance. I totally agree with rob,many of the people on yahoo chat are disabled and cant get out.

They make friends on chat and enjoy their time which they would otherwise be sitting alone and depressed. I have met people on here who were even dying of cancer and the yahoo people in chat brought them so much comfort and support in the past. If yahoo is so worried about money and not people,let them charge a fee that is resonable,maybe the morons who come to the rooms will just delete it themselves because they undoubtly do not have jobs to stay in rooms and mess them up all the time.

Google should do it or. You should do it for public good not for money mate. If they want to cut there own throats let them cut it. Maybe they should sell a few stocks like facebook and lose there. As strange as it seems, I met my wife in Yahoo chatroom. We have been married 6 yrs and have two beautiful sons because of Yahoo.

It totally sucks. It is such a great place to meet people from anywhere in the world, and now what will we do? We will be totally lost without it. It has been a place to escape to and talk with people with no strings attached. Yes there are tons of bots, but there are also lots of people out there who like to visit and become friends. What a totally horrible thing for Yahoo to do. Guess they really want to trash their services. What is next? Will they be closing down internet searching? Totally Sucks! Just my opinion mind you.

Yahoo open chat room

On the otherhand, I feel so free and independent in yahoo chatrooms and feel good that everybody is equal to each other and no restrictions are there but can have own privacy too by setting the preferences. I used yahoo chat rooms well with just 3kbps speed,can you imagine?

I personally think that Yahoo has been sabotaged by the executives who run it. They want to get rid of it because it competes with other companies. The chat bots rooms could of been defeated by not using java. There is your problem. Java did not have enough security. To defeat the bots we just needed a new security code update every couple of months outside of java. It could of worked. The other thing is to get rid of the webcams to bring down the cost of it. Just voice only.

I have been chatting in Yahoo public chat rooms for 12 years. Life will not be the same without it. If only there was a way to petition Yahoo. Between 3rd party clients no for Y! I come yahoo for just chat, I opend yahoo ID just becouse I chat on yahoo, otherwise it is just scrap and hope my last Goodbye to yahoo on 14 Dec. Public chat is heart of yahoo masenger othrwise it is scrap. I believe many chatters use Yahoo messenger because they are unable to get out and about due to illness.

This will be very disappointing for them, and people like them. With no monitor to show how tuff and brave you all are. Well if this is a scare for Yahoo Inc to feel some love……. When they do decide to re-invent Yahoo chatcan they please have an IGNORE all outside traffic feature for users of said named chatroom of the country you the chatter lives in. I am sure I am not alone in this regard : …. Big Big Disappointment!!!!!!! And Yahoo Chat Rooms always helped people to find out new people all around the world most of chatters found very good friend throw Yahoo chat ….

I m using yahoo since 12 years by now!! I feel sure that they will lose a lot more customers because thousands depended so much on yahoo chat room ad they have let us down very badly. Please rethink yahoo and open up the chat room service again Robin. Updates for you… 1 step forward and 5 steps back.

Yahoo open chat room

Would be a good idea to just completely remove it and put up a brand new version of it to get rid of the bots. Nah, Just remove it and whore the yahoo! This is actually fantastic news. Maybe we should eliminate all the other social networks as well? Yahoo chat is like a hobby for many of people including me also. I dont know, how the people like me survive…. Chat Room was our top priority for chatting. Yahoo Chat Room Chatting service has been a great and most popular service and I think that it is wrong decision to discontinue it. It happened all of a sudden!!

That ticks me off even more. Yahoo Chat has been around for many, many years. Hell, I use it more than Fb. I like to get straight to the point with chatting and I get instant responds. I really hope this is a hoax, or by next year Yahoo comes up with an even better chat feature!!!

Yahoo open chat room

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